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Number 3362 is a blend of the energies of number 3 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, the vibrations of number 6 and the qualities of number 2. Number 3 relates to optimism and inspiration, faith, hope and charity, manifesting and manifestation, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills, communication and self-expression. 

Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters. Number 6 resonates with personal willpower, independence, initiative, action, problem solving and overcoming obstacles, love of home and family and domesticity, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability. 

Number 2 relates to balance and harmony, partnerships and relationships, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, encouragement, duality, faith and trust and serving your soul mission and life purpose.

Angel Number 3362 brings a message to focus on the material world less and put your efforts towards pursuing your spiritual path. Surrender your worries to the angels so that they can intervene, heal and transmute them. 

Balance your focus between the material and spiritual and trust that your supply is truly unlimited, particularly when you are serving your soul purpose.

Angel Number 3362 encourages you to listen to your intuition and angelic guidance and take up any new opportunities that are presenting right now as they are appearing for reasons you may not yet be aware of. 

Your angels ask you to be bold and courageous and look to new opportunities with enthusiasm and trust that all will work out to your benefit and highest good. 

All is well regarding your home and family life so enjoy your relationships and the companionship of those close to you. Give love freely and unconditionally and focus upon positively affirming your ‘good’ and becoming more loving and accepting of yourself and others.  

Let go of any negativities, fears and worries that drain your energies, and look to activities that uplift and empower you. Stay balanced and centred and focus upon your own life and happiness.

Number 3362 relates to number 5 (3+3+6+2=14, 1+4=5) and Angel Number 5.

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