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10 Easy Ways to Find a Jobs in LinkedIn in 2022

Here we point out some important techniques to get a job on LinkedIn. This point should be implementation ni your profile page
LinkedIn is the world's most popular and professional active social network platform. More than 13 million companies vying for the attention of more than half of a billion users.

LinkedIn helps Job seekers to posts their CVs and employers to post a job. People post their skills, experiences, and biodata to make a strong online profile.

Linkedin allows to users creates different account like company page, profile account, and group. 

Company page

LinkedIn company page has huge potential to establish your brand on the internet through leaders and attract top talent. You can easily add your website URL and also you can add About, jobs, post, and people section.

How to create a Company Page?

  • Click on the Work icon at the top of the right corner
  • In down, side click on create a company page
  • Choose page type like small, showcase, institution business.
  • Fill in all company details 
  • Tick the verify and select create the page.

Group Account

The LinkedIn group offer to people with similar interests can post, hold a conversion, share their insight, expertise, and ask the guidance. The participation group allows you to show your expertise around a subject.

Profile account

Profile account which consists of your name, biodata, SKills, experience, project, and other contact details. If you are seeking any type of job then this account page helps you to find a job easily.

10 Easy Ways to Find a Jobs in LinkedIn

LinkedIn help to find relevant jobs that suit to skill and experience. There are millions of job postings per day. so, it's important to use some technique to find the right job that fits your expectations and requirements.

Here we point out some important techniques to get a job on LinkedIn. This point should be implementation ni your profile page.

Create Professional Profile page

Your profile page should design according to your skill and experience.  In my case, I am a Graphic designer so,  I will make a professional banner, profile picture and add some details. People can easily understand my skills, experience, and biodata.

Use smiling and friendly profile picture. Don't use other stock photos and logos.  Quality is key: profile pic should high resolution.

Also If You using photoshop then you can easily retouching skin and make it clipping mask into a circle shape. 

What should be the right profile picture? The main key is:  Aim is professional but friendly.

Build a Networks

More than half of billions of users in more than 200 countries are active in LinkedIn.  You'd think out of the 500 million users, It's wouldn't t difficult to fin 500 connections to get "superstar" status faster.

When you want to increase your connection, You should clear your profile setup process. Here are five-point to build your LinkedIn networks.
  1. Regular upload Image and story
  2. Personalize your connection Requests
  3. Follow up
  4. Promote your LinkedIn URL
  5. Published your article
More networks help get a perfect and relevant job according to skill and experience. Also, you should be published and share your projects with others.

Upload CV/Resume and Contact details

A resume consists of your profile picture, skills, experience for a specific position.LinkedIn offers multiple ways to upload your resume to LinkedIn Including uploading it to a job application as well as displaying on it your profile.  

How to create a resume on a Linkedin profile?

  • Go to a Profile page
  • Click on the More button 
  • Select build a resume from the dropdown
  • Choose to create from profile
You must be Complete your contact details on LinkedIn for easy conversion with clients. LinkedIn allows to user to gives complete contact details like the Website, Phone number, Address, Email, Age, and Profile URL.

Add friendly Profile Pic and headline

Your profile picture should be attractive to others. The profile picture is the identity of your skill and experience. A Good and attractive picture has more chance you get a job on Linkedin.

The headline of your profile page should be catchy. It should understandable and easy to read. An attractive headline represents your skill and working experience. You should write your skills in Headline.

Add Skills and Experience

How to add skill and experience in LinkedIn. You must add Your skill and experience in LinkedIn. It has more chance you get job offers.

Obviously, different people can define relevant skills. LinkedIn allows adding any skill and experience to the profile page.

Regular posts Photo and story

You must be upload anything on LinkedIn. If you regular active on LinkedIn helps to increase your like and view of the post. Also regularly increase connection and followers.

LinkedIn allows users to share your photos, videos, and articles automatically to your networks. Also, you can share posts with particular names.

You should upload your project's video, image, and story. You should be shared either a URL or an image in a post. But not both at the same time. 

LinkedIn Skill Assessments

LinkedIn provides skill assessments that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of your skill you're added on your profile completing assessments specific to those skills.

Rule of Skill Assessments

  • 15 multiple choice question
  • 1.5 per question
  • Score in the top 30% to earn a badge
It provides tools & technology and industry knowledge quiz to users. LinkedIn provides different types of software and Programming language quiz. More than 3.1 millions users participated in this Quiz Assessments

Analyze your Dashboard

Every LinkedIn profile has a dashboard section to provide all search view, search appearance and who view your profile page. This dashboard is only visible to you. This dashboard is available on desktop or mobile.  

It recounts your post's view when you upload your image and video. Analyze this data reveal potential business development opportunities. 

That dashboard also shows the data about the content you share on LinkedIn including articles, images, and video. Click on see all activity to find you all share and uploaded content.

Search related jobs

LinkedIn provides a jobs navigation section at the top of the feed page. The jobs page helps to find a relevant company, skill, and more. The many companies post the job to hire people. 
Also, you can choose your own city, county, and region. This page helps Companies to share more information with the potential applicants on Linkedin.

Create short URL

LinkedIn provides an option to change profile URL, by default your profile URL will be something like:

How to change Profile URL?  

  1. Go to Your Profile page
  2. Click on sidebar Edit public URL
  3. It redirects to another page 
  4. Click on the edit icon and add a short name
  5. You're done

Try Premium career account

LinkedIn with premium subscriptions can use the top applicant feature to assess their job search.  If you looking for your next job, then you should be using the LinkedIn top applicant.

Why you Get a LinkedIn Premium career account?

The premium career account help to offers several additional and expanded features.
  • Premium Profile
  • Features application status
  • Full list profile view
  • InEmail
  • How you rank
  • Advanced Search
  • Job listing background
  • Open Profile
LinkedIn premium career account is less than $30 per month for a wide range of tools to helps you polish your professional profile and find new potential jobs.

LinkedIn introduces Profile photo frames #opentoworks, is available to job seekers willing to let their network know they are open to new opportunities. If you use this frame which has more chance to get a job quickly.


This Point helps you to search for LinkedIn jobs. You must add your skill, Profile picture, contact details, Experience, and headline. 

Also, you should be collecting your all project to show your clients. It helps to more chance you get expectation opportunity.

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