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What is JavaScript meaning?

JavaScript is a very powerful Programming Language in today's time. You must have heard the name of JavaScript somewhere. JavaScript is actually a Scr

Friends JavaScript is a very powerful Programming Language in today's time. You must have heard the name of JavaScript somewhere. JavaScript is actually a Scripting Language.

Scripting Language programming is a category of Languages. Some people think that JavaScript java is the same programming language.

Because their name is the same. But it is not at all. JavaScript is a completely different programming language than Java. Although the syntax of JavaScript is slightly similar to Java, both JavaScript and Java are influenced by C++.

So let's know What is JavaScript.

What is JavaScript meaning?

JavaScript is a High Level, and Interpreted Programming Language. JavaScript Client Side Scripting Language. JavaScript is used almost everywhere today, such as Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, and Database, etc.

JavaScript is most used in Front End Development. JavaScript has been used in one form or the other in almost all websites on the Internet.

The website itself is used by pop-up, Drag Drop and other Functionality JavaScript.

Source: Google

JavaScript needs to be used to run it. We don't need any separate software to run JavaScript because nowadays the JavaScript engine is inbuilt in the tax browser.

According to a GitHub report, JavaScript is the most used programming language on GitHub.

Source: GitHub

History of JavaScript

JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich (Brandon One), who works in the Netscape company. JavaScript was first launched in May 1995. It is said that the first version was made only in 10 days.

Initially the name of JavaScript was Mocha (Mocha). Which was suggested by a foundation of the Netscape company.

A few days later, September 1995, it was renamed as LiveScript. But these names did not run for too many days.

Its name was changed to JavaScript in December 1995 and till date we know it by the same name.

Uses of JavaScript

JavaScript is used to create the most well-known web pages and web apps. Some frameworks are also helping to create Android, iOS Apps and Desktop Software from JavaScript in today's time.

So let's give you information about using JavaScript one by one.

1. Add functionality on a web page (Add Functionality To Web Page)

JavaScript is the most used in web development.

When you visit a website, you get a lot of saree functionalities in that website such as drag and drop, pop-up, image slider, etc. All these effects come from the use of JavaScript.

2 - Online Presentation (In Making Online Presentations)

JavaScript is also used to make online presentations. Frameworks like RevealJS and BespokeJS can be used in HTML to create beautiful beautiful presentations.

3 - Mobile Apps (Mobile Apps)

Apps can be created for both Android and iOS platforms with frameworks like React Native and Phone Apps. The biggest advantage of creating apps in JavaScript is that you can create apps that run on both platforms from the same codebase, i.e., by typing a bar code and running it in both Android and iOS.

4 - Desktop Software

Electron is a JavaScript framework that we can use to create software's for desktops in JavaScript language.

5 - Web Server (Web Server)

JavaScript is also used to create a web server application. With the NodeJS framework, we can also do back-end development.

6 - Games Development (In Game Making)

JavaScript is also used to become a game. Games can be created in HTML and JavaScript with easeJS library.

Features of JavaScript

  • Simple And Easy:- JavaScript is a very simple and easy language. Javascript is very easy to learn, write, read and debug.
  • Lightweight:- JavaScript is considered to be a lightweight programming language because JavaScript consumes a lot of memory to execute.
  • Client Side:- JavaScript is a client side scripting language. It runs on a local machine, not run on the server.
  • Popular:- JavaScript is the most used language in today's time.
  • High Level:- JavaScript is a high level programming language because this machine is independent.
  • Scripting Language:- JavaScript is a scripting language because it is not self executable. It is execute by place in html document.
  • JavaScript Doesn't Need To Compile Like Interpreted:-  Other than C and C++, JavaScript's code no compiler is used to run it.
  • Cross Platform:- JavaScript is a cross platform language. We can easily run it in any browser by writing a bar code. We don't have to write different code for different browsers.
  • Case Sensitive:- JavaScript is a case sensitive language like C and C++. The upper and lower cases are considered separately.
Friends hope you would have liked this post on What is JavaScript meaning. If you still have a question above JavaScript, you can ask me to comment. Share this post with your friends so that they can also get accurate and accurate information about JavaScript.

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