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Anonymously Yours Netflix Review

Anonymously Yours Review: A teenage love story in the 4.0 era with romantic details, beautiful scenes but a little regret on Netflix.
Anonymously Yours Review: A teenage love story in the 4.0 era with romantic details, beautiful scenes but a little regret on Netflix.


More than 5 billion people around the world own a mobile device. The staggering number is 66.5% of the world's population. Our entire world has been completely digitized, from online shopping and entertainment to the way we interact with friends and family.

Anonymously Yours is about two high school students who start a digital friendship, the story of which begins simply with a random text message. Alex texts Vale, who happens to be a student at his school. Whatever happens, sometimes these things are just fate and the two soon start a budding digital friendship. They share a lot of secrets with each other but despite being very close, they don't bother to send each other a picture or a voice message.

The difference is, they don't know that they're talking to an individual they're upset with in real life (IRL). The two main characters, Alex (Ralf) and Vale (Annie Cabello), both have their own problems, the truth only getting worse as they try to make it through high school and get to the end of year prom. . To help them through their problems, they established a friendship with an “anonymous” contact, which quickly developed into a romantic relationship, shares with you.

Many viewers are a big fan of teen dramas that handle the idea of ​​anonymity well. One of the reasons Dash & Lily, a TV series that was released last year and nominated in multiple categories for the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards, is so interesting to viewers is that the story revolves around the idea of ​​​​the idea of ​​​​the Daytime Emmy Awards. Two book lovers anonymously trade messages through books.

Anonymous Yours leaves the audience with the question – what will happen when Vale and Alex learn about their anonymous friend? It has a mischievous mischief, albeit with flaws. When it comes to the answer to the above question at last, viewers seem to have lost interest and sacrificed the film for the music in the prom mood of their senior year.

Viewers' biggest question is - since when do we need the Internet to text? Since much of Alex's character and anonymous friendships are formed on the basis of his local wifi connection, this question proves to be a fatal and almost agonizing flaw throughout the film.

Also, it's a bit weird for teenagers, desperately clinging to the internet and starting to develop feelings for each other, not communicating with each other outside of schools and parties in real time like this . The question, then, is whether one should put logic aside and give in to teenage preference. Whatever your answer, it will determine how you perceive this movie.

The cast of the movie did a great job, and the pair had great on-screen chemistry and some sweet moments they both had, which makes the movie a bit uncomfortable. The film has the potential to be one of the best high school romantic comedies, but the lack of direction in a script that is too large and uncovered has caused many regrets.

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