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Best Friendship quotes for Instagram

A friend is first of all an ally, that is to say someone who is really happy about your happiness and your success.
Best friendship quotes you should read share friendship quotes in english, friend quotes funny, friendship quotes tumblr, friends movie quotes. A friend is first of all an ally, that is to say someone who is really happy about your happiness and your success.


It is also someone who will do what he can, when he can to help you succeed or your happiness . Not all the time, not in any condition, but according to his constraints and the pace of his life. A friend is just someone who wants to help you be happy , because seeing yourself fulfilled is part of your own balance.

Attention, though. Be careful of the people who help you to own you, or only for you to return the lift: friendship is not a shop in which you sell affection or service.

That, you must also keep it in mind, to learn to give without necessarily waiting for a return. That does not burden your friends with any "debt" to you. Above all, do not do things to get yourself something: it's not friendship, it's bargaining.

True friendship is to help others "for free" , just because their happiness is your happiness.
  1. It is a thing of all eternity that intellectual friendship. Auguste Villiers of L'Isle-Adam Are you still my boyfriend? - Well yeah ! - How much is 5 + 3? - Ben 53! - You're sure ? - Well yeah ! - Thank you ! The ChoristersWhen their friends are traveling, those who have stayed at home must take care of their interests. Euripides They have the name of friends, but they have not the soul, those whose friendship does not resist the disgrace of fate. Euripides
  2. To maintain strong friendships, it is not enough to appreciate our similarities, we must also celebrate our differences. James Fredericks
  3. Each member of the social body has a friend who is particular to him: the longshoremen have the Mi-Lent; the sailors, the admiralty; grocers, starch; bakers, bread crumbs; the gunners, the grape-shot; and the Italian Boulevard, the Michodière. Jean-Louis-Auguste Commerson ; The little encyclopedia buffoons (1860)
  4. The man has no better friend than the woman he loves. Alexandre Dumas, son ; Life at twenty (1850)
  5. When I am with my friend, I am not alone and we are not two.  Étienne-François de Lantier; Antenor's Travels in Greece and Asia (1798)
  6. The absence of a friend to whom I am attached leaves a great void in my soul and my life! Étienne-François de Lantier ; Antenor's Travels in Greece and Asia (1798)
  7. When we have chosen a friend, we must do everything to preserve it. Neither his faults nor his insults should be able to deprive him of our affection. We get upset when we come to it. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing ; Damon or The True Friendship (1747)
  8. The first duty of a friend is never to judge his friend, but on the contrary to accept him as a whole, as he is, to like also his qualities and his faults.  Jean Dutourd ; Happiness and other ideas (1980)
  9. You can truly be someone's friend without telling him every month. Alexander Pope ; Letter to John Gay, September 23, 1714.
  10. There is nothing more precious in this world than a friend who is ready to help you.  Plautus ; Epidicus - II st century BC. AD
  11. A friend is one who speaks with all the sincerity and frankness that true friendship requires.  Tahar Ben Jelloun ; Fraternal Welding (1994)
  12. A friend is a man whom we never see and whom we think with pleasure. Jacques Chardonne; Half day (1964)
  13. A friend is a man who has more credit than anyone when he speaks ill of us. Jean Rostand; Diary of a character (1931)
  14. You can not make a brother a friend, nor treat a friend as a brother.  Tahar Ben Jelloun; Praise of friendship (1994)
  15. A friend who warns us wisely of our faults is an invaluable asset. Charles de Saint-Evremond ; Thoughts, feelings and maxims (1740)
  16. A man is judged by the friends he has. Baltasar Gracian ; The court man (1646)
  17. To keep a friend, you need more obstinacy than friendship. Charles Régismanset ; The new contradictions (1939)
  18. You have a friend ? Hide it well. Charles Régismanset ; The contradictions (1906)
  19. We have no better friend than the person for whom we have love. Jean-Claude Delamétherie ; Of the man considered morally (1802)
  20. There is in this world only an object of first necessity, it is a friend to whom one can say everything. Victor Cherbuliez ; The fiance of Mademoiselle Saint-Maur (1876)
  21. A friend who falls into misfortune must become more dear to us. Félicité de Genlis ; The detached thoughts and maxims (1801)
  22. The friend of all ignores friendship. Anne Barratin ; From all the parishes (1913)
  23. The friend had to be the other ourselves, the one we serve before us: here is the portrait. Where is the model? Anne Barratin ; From all the parishes (1913)
  24. The heart of a friend is a vast country, the extent of which suffers no limits. Laurent Bordelon ; The characters of friendship (1702)
  25. Friendship is a feeling that requires energy in the soul. It is a holy and almost religious union, which by a kind of worship devotes the whole friend to his friend. Antoine Leonard Thomas ; Essay on the character of women (1772)
  26. The loss of a friend depuples the universe to us. Antoine Claude Gabriel Jobert ; The Treasure of Thoughts (1852)
  27. A friend who dies is something of you who dies. Gustave Flaubert ; The thoughts of Gustave Flaubert (1915)
  28. A friend is like a melon. You have to try several before finding a good one. Alfred de Musset
  29. Relations without friendship, friendship without power, power without will, will without action, action without profit, profit without virtue, are not worth a penny. Benjamin Franklin 
  30. Love knows how best to offer, friendship knows how to give. Anne Barratin
  31. Modern pride: I lost the friendship of a man whom I esteemed, for having insisted to him repeated that I was more degenerate than him? Emil Michel Cioran 
  32. One can not go far in friendship, if one is not willing to forgive each other the little flaws. Jean de La BruyèreJean de La Bruyère
  33. We can always count on friendship, while we must be on guard in love. Nicolas HulotNicolas Hulot
  34. Friendship is more immutable than love because it demands nothing in return. A lost friend can not replace himself because it is impossible to give himself totally twice in his life. Anne BernardAnne Bernard 
  35. I am always near me, six faithful friends. It is to them that I owe all that I have learned. Their names are: When, Where, What, How, Why and Who. Rudyard Kipling
  36. But friendship knows no virtue. She ignores charity, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness. She is unaware of her benefits and merits. She is pure. She knows how to sympathize without baseness, to help without perfidy and to rejoice in the happiness of others. It takes time, care and a little modesty to have a friend. True friendship is very rare, like love. Jacques Chardonne
  37. Lamitia requires a little more mystery and it is certainly profaning the name that want to put it on any occasion. Molière
  38. A friendship that lasts and does not age is something extraordinary. Émilie Carles
  39. No matter how great friendship may be, never tell her of your faults; hide them even to yourself, if that's possible. At least, we can use this other rule of life, which is to know how to forget.
  40. Friendship is the community of secrets. Romain Guilleaumes 
  41. Time sweeps the fake friends and confirms the true ones
  42. Choose your friends carefully, they will be the perfumes of your way of life. Romain Guilleaumes 
  43. The intensity of a friendship, it makes you a joy for a thousand years, it's like a love, it gets you through the navel and floods you whole. It's not measured in months. Évelyne Pisier 
  44. Brotherly love is the friendship of the blood. Born in the cradle, this affection grows and develops under the paternal roof, in the midst of playful games and laughter, matures in the same studies and works, and still lives in the middle of the world although the brothers and sisters find them separated under different conditions. Louis-Auguste Martin
  45. The more my friends die, the more scenarios I receive! Jean Rochefort
  46. The love of a woman can uproot a strong friendship between two men, love is stronger than friendship. Mazouz Hacene
  47. Live your life, Live your dreams, Live with your friends, Live as you want, Live without regret. Simon Dulac
  48. Happiness is in us, because in friendship as in love we enjoy above all what we give. Marie Valyère 
  49. Friendship is a tulip that retains in its bulb all the trials and memories lived together, but which must be cared for to maintain its beauty. Adrien Verschaere
  50. Like the immortality of the soul, friendship is too good to believe. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  51. Why is the sweetest friendship the one that binds people of a different sex? It is because this friendship is always, without our knowledge, perfumed with a little love. Auguste Guyard
  52. Friendship is a transparent cloud behind which love rises in the hearts of women. Auguste Guyard 
  53. What friends can have the unhappy man? Euripides
  54. Everybody calls himself a friend, but a mad person who sits there: 
  55. Nothing is more common than this name, 
  56. Nothing is more rare than the thing. Jean de La Fontaine 
  57. What makes friendships indissoluble and doubles their charm is a feeling that lacks in love: certainty. Honoré de Balzac
  58. I will take, in the eyes of a friend, what is hotter, more beautiful and more tender too.What one sees only two or three times during a lifetime and that makes that friend is your friend... Jacques Brel
  59. The happiness of a friend enchants us, he adds us, he takes nothing away, and if friendship offends, it is not. Jean Cocteau
  60. We see that a friend is safe when our situation is not. Cicero
  61. A friend understands us beyond appearances, He does justice to us on every occasion, He helps us to go, at the risk of getting lost, where our destiny is calling us. Francesco Alberoni
  62. The difficult thing is not to be with your friends when they are right, but when they are wrong. André Malraux 
  63. The forgiveness of friendship is the healthiest and the sweetest of blessings. George Sand
  64. Old friendship does not fear rust. French proverb
  65. The role of a friend is to be at your side when you're wrong because everyone will be next to you when you're right. Marc Twain
  66. One should never judge people about their dating: Judas, for example, had irreproachable friends. Paul Verlaine
  67. The main characteristic of a friend is his ability to disappoint you. Pierre Desproges
  68. A friend is someone you can rely on to count on you. Jean Paulhan
  69. When we die of hunger, there is always a friend to offer you to drink. Antoine Blondin
  70. Friendship requires a lot of effort, it requires above all to know how to offer what is most dear in life: time!  Catherine Deneuve 
  71. Was not friendship a form of music?  Erik Orsenna
  72. The friendship of a great man is a blessing of the gods. Voltaire
  73. Do not let a little argument break a great friendship.  Dalai Lama
  74. I will take, in the eyes of a friend, what is hotter, more beautiful and more tender too.  Jacques Brel
Friendship is one of the most valuable things in the world. So do not miss telling friends how important they are to you. As Montaigne said "friendship feeds on communication". Choose a quote among those we offer and it will give depth to your friendship card.
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