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Elves netflix review reddit

Elves Review, A must-see Danish thriller if you hate Christmas with a plot that is a fascinating exploration of the mythology surrounding elves.
Elves Review, A must-see Danish thriller if you hate Christmas with a plot that is a fascinating exploration of the mythology surrounding elves.


Elves - Goblin Island, Netflix's new series, has one goal: to overthrow everything you've ever believed about adorable creatures immortalized by myth and custom. It's something the series establishes from its first scary scene. But especially, then moved to a deep and strange space about Christmas myths.

Halfway between Gremlin's, the legend of Krampus, and a series of somber fantasies about the celebration, the show has a bit of a surprise. Perhaps, it is more ambitious than effective, but there is no doubt that it is also a unique journey through symbols. What hides the snow, garlands and pine trees? The elves reveal it at once because their purpose is not mysterious, but to blackmail the wicked.

Oddly enough, Elves is not a historical revision, but uses common elements of Christmas to tell something more somber. The non-existent Danish island of Aarmand is a region of snow-white and timeless landscape. The script takes special care to look at the novel from a bleak angle.

But aside from that, there's also an ironic undertone that lends the story a solid base. The endless landscape of this place that may or may not exist is also a terrifying fantasy. A direct question of what constitutes the truth – or not – of what we believe or celebrate.

In fact, much of Elfos' premise is to subvert the idea of ​​smiling little creatures that literature and cinema have immortalized. On the contrary and from the very first scene, the series has an unsettling idea. What if everything you consider a fiction turns out to be true in the end? In addition, the show questions the truth of Christmas.

Elves, snow, pine trees and blood

Elves lived up to expectations and did it well. From an opening scene that is very clear about how the script wants to show its horrors, the story moves quickly. It is no coincidence that the first sight of anything lurking on the island, is invisible or rather it goes unnoticed.

The plot is specially crafted to build a version of evil and disturbing people, on a small scale. But for that reason it is no less dangerous and deadly. And it's the first chapter that makes it clear that there's more to snow and Christmas carols than can be imagined.

Of course, the formula has been successfully exploited before. From Michael Dougherty's Krampus: The Christmas Terror, to Dick Maas's Saint of Horrors. There is a collection of haunting looks at Christmas. But Elfos takes the premise to another level, to link mystery with gore in a particular dimension. In its six chapters, the Elves gradually unravel the terrifying truth with subtle and malicious care.

The script moves carefully in between multiple lines at once. The suffocating dread of the mystery of an island where nothing is what it seems. What is hidden in the bushes and the notion of danger is lurking.

Everything conspires in the Elves recounting something deeper than the conscious truth of the fear hidden in the unexplainable. And while it seems like the Elves have weathered all horror genre codes with an almost predictable caution, the series manages to avoid boredom. He also did it with a subtle vision of disturbance that was barely perceptible in the corner of his eye.

For his final scene, Elves made it clear that more than a single fear vision matters. In fact, some views cross between building something harder and denser to assimilate.

An unexpected detail of end mirrors shows how fear can hide in simplicity. Like a somewhat familiar metaphor of man's intersection with nature at its heart, it's all too clear where things will turn out – and the journey there isn't exciting enough.

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