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Fisher Investments Review

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Fisher Investments is one of the largest fee-only advisors in the world and manages around $100 billion. Fisher Investments' financial advisors have always acted as financial advisors to the trustee because of the way the company is structured, making it ideal for clients who don't want to worry about whether their advisors whether they act as a fiduciary or not.


They are notorious for high fees and extremely aggressive sales practices. As a general rule, the most advertised investing products and services are bad.

Don't need to read past this comment.

Best funds/companies/partnerships I have invested in... have no marketing arm because they dont need it.

Talent to manage capital is harder to come by than the capital.

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Can't say that I know much about them, aside from the periodic advertising mailers that I never requested from them arriving 3 or 4 times per year. Generally speaking, that selling style isn't going to earn my business.

You don’t invest primarily based on customer experience, period.

My stepdad is an avid investor and setup a consultation with them just to learn more. He wasn’t impressed and thought the fees were excessive.

If you want advice, I’d go with a fee only advisor, pay them to set things up, then pay them periodically to check in. Someone here recommended a fee only advisor search website but the name escapes me now. You could also ask for referrals or just check out NAPFA. Whatever you do, interview several and ask for references before hiring one.

I have a portion of my assets with Fisher for 20 years. They missed calling all the recessions, but almost everyone else did. I went with them for more foreign exposure diversification. Returns have been consistent with their target index. Customer service is excellent.

I have reached an age where I have more money than I'll ever spend, and I don't want to spend time doing hands-on market research. I still have index funds and another money manager at Morgan Stanley. I was more aggressive and hands-on when younger.

Trying to find people that have good things to say about Fisher. So are you doing better with the Fisher stuff (including the fee your paying) than what you are making with your own index funds?

I typed my email address Into their website once. Get called once a month now. Had a long conversation with sales guy initially. Was way too salesy and fees are way too high. What piqued my Initial Interest I think was tax loss harvesting by doing index replication with smaller number of names but they are not sophisticated at all.

I am dumb and have no idea what I am doing. Fisher has doubled my money in 4 years. I don’t care what anyone else says. I sat with a small regional investor and they were purchased by another one and barely saw my shit move. My moms money barely grows but her dementia does. Go with works for you. Customer service is great and I have nothing but good things to say

I’d recommend diversifying with an S and P 500 index fund. That will be 1% please. Every year for the rest of your life. I accept PayPal. Also this deal is exclusively for people with $500k net worth to invest or more because <remember to insert random reason here to make suckers feel like their situation is special>.

I once put my email into their website and they call me every few months. They are high fees. It depends on your philosophy. In the end I went with bogle philosophy.

Ok, it's worth reading about. I can't think of a good resource that presents the research around it off the top of my head but the research is out there. Empirically, consider that the market always returns the average return (by definition) and for a one investor to beat that, others must have a return below the average because it is zero-sum.

Professional investors can and do often end up on the correct side of that average, the problem is that they often charge very high fees to do so which mean that the net gain is zero or worse. When the average market return is 5-7%/year (over a 20 year period), 1% fees is a lot, so the drag from fees plays a huge role.

It's as difficult to pick a skilled manager who will continue to outperform as it is to pick the investments themselves. The one thing you can pick, with 100% reliability is the fees you pay to chase after these strategies.

The point isn't to beat the market, it's to generate alpha. Anyone can beat the market through beta - it's not that difficult to leverage yourself up.

I want returns that are uncorrelated with the market, not ones that necessarily beat the market although that would be great too. If there are actively managed funds that provide me with a high return uncorrelated with the market and low volatility, that would be absolutely fantastic.

Institutional investors aren't investing in hedgefunds because they want to beat the market.

I was with a firm and they charged me 1% on my +1MM of assets. Return was very average and during a solid bull market. The final straw was when they went from active to Vanguard index funds citing lower fees. So i cut their knees out and that other 1% from them and doing indexing myself. I wish i was told to do it myself when i started with those people 11 years ago.

I’ve spent my whole career so far in private wealth management and can confidently tell you that Fisher is hot garbage of a firm. Whether or not you need an advisor at your level of wealth is questionable in and of itself (net worth is only one aspect of it; ultimately depends on your complexity and goals), but in any event Fisher isn’t what you want.

Wouldn’t recommend fisher bit of a turn and burn shop, look for an RIA with fiduciary in your area if you’re looking for financial planning/downside protection. If you have a strong stomach/can take market swings just put into SP500/Russell 3000 fund or use a 3 fund portfolio and you’ll be fine for diversification.

Fisher's major advert pitch is MISLEADING, that in itself steered me away from them. When I heard "Our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better," I inquired to learn the graduated fee levels based on investment amount or profits earned. What I learned is the their fees are static, always the same percentage no matter if you invest .5M or 5M, or make $100K or lose $100K. They try to fool high net worth individuals with these elementary sales tactics? They respond with the same exact explanation that every single money manager claims ... that when you see their amazing results, you will invest more with them, hence they'll "do better" as you continue to give them more and more money. DUH!

If you want to get non-correlated returns to the market you'd be better putting money into DYX. If there's a drop in the broad market for any reason the USD will likely gain against the other major currencies. If the US equities market was to drop due to raising of rates, the DYX would likely be a top performing asset.

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