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Hawkeye season 1 episode 1 Review Reddit

Starts off impressively with the famous plots and adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and continues to captivate audiences in no time.
Hawkeye season 1 episode 1 Review, starts off impressively with the famous plots and adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and continues to captivate audiences in no time.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recent movies like Cate Shortland (Lore)'s Black Widow and Eternals and Oscar-winning Chloé Zhao (Nomadland), and now's the time to talk about the American Jonathan Igla who made Hawkeye (in 2021), shared.

Jonathan Igla has served as screenwriter on six chapters of Mad Men (Matthew Weiner, 2007-2015), the High Anxiety episodes of Sex Masters (Michelle Ashford, 2013-2016) and Pitch's Wear It (2016) -2017), a pair of Shut Eye (Leslie Bohem, Joanna Kerns, 2016-2017) and 17 Unheard Messages of Sorry for Your Loss (Kit Steinkellner, 2018-2019); and is the producer of the last three seasons and executive of The Bridgertons (Chris van Dusen, as of 2020), and is Hawkeye.

The Jonathan Igla movies are different from the dangerous adventure we see in every Marvel saga; both in terms of tone and specific area where they take place, but without significant experience in superhero stories but Jonathan Igla was still chosen to freshen up six episodes of Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton. on Disney Plus.

The Weight of the Past in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The first few minutes of the opening sequence in Hawkeye's Never Meet Your Heroes chapter fail to make the audience assume there's something compelling to offer input. But, if any uninformed viewer fails to notice the details, the following short show, which includes a sequence shot, should allay their fears, shares the same. friend.

And not only that, it has also been claimed that The Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012) is a turning point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we know it after Spider-Man: Homecoming (Jon Watts, 2017) and Avengers. : Endgame (Joe and Anthony Russo, 2019) to deliciously reuse events in new storylines.

On the other hand, both the previous sequence and the title suggest that Hawkeye shouldn't be seen as a simple superhero story by Jeremy Renner, who we also saw as Wood Hite in The Murder of Jesse James by the Assassins. cowardly Robert Ford (Andrew Dominik, 2007), the greatest Carmine Politosino in The Great American Scam (David O.Russell, 2013) or Ian Donnelly in The Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, 2016), but one of the origins of the future of franchising.

The Mysteries and Spectacles of Hawkeye

Then, a script by Jonathan Igla himself and with the direction of another executive producer, Rhys Thomas (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), introduces us to similar episodes in Thor: Ragnarok (Taika Waititi, 2017). ).

And use it to suggest that certain Hawkeye's emotional dynamics may not be too far from the basics in Spider-Man: Away from home (Jon Watts, 2019) and Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Jon Watts, 2019) Malcolm Spellman, 2021).

In any case, the fifth series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus offers Jeremy Renner the opportunity to explore his character's attitudes and moods apart from the apparent constant seriousness of the archer. hundred hits hundred wins, share with you.

Hawkeye is drawn into the violent underworld in search of the suit he wears while temporarily changing his name to the violent vigilante Ronin in Blip (the years Thanos wiped out half the population of the galaxy, including Hawkeye's wife and children). The New York setting shifts from high society murder mystery to street level fighting in a way that will strongly remind fans of a previous attempt to bring the MCU to the small screen: Daredevil.

Back in 2015, Daredevil was the beginning of an unprecedented and at the time quite audacious experiment that unleashed a series of four interconnected Netflix shows starring Marvel heroes. yet to appear in the MCU. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (plus spin-off The Punisher) are action thrillers set in the shadows of New York City, and Hawkeye resembles them more than anything else in the franchise. the entire MCU.

And one was surprised to discover that the soundtrack by Christophe Beck, who repeats in the story after Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp (Peyton Reed, 2015, 2018) and WandaVision (Jac Schaeffer, 2021), and an unknown Michael Paraskevas (This World Won't Break) pays homage to John Williams in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Chris Columbus, 1992).

The mysteries finally surfaced; and then they surprise us with the fun idea that they'll respond to the criticism in Hawkeye that they didn't uncover something dark about Clint Barton's trajectory in Endgame.

In addition, the emergence of combat choreography becomes inevitable as its enjoyment is essential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the ending to one of them, which constitutes Never Meet Your Heroes, leaves audiences with a moment of real satisfaction; and a hinge to continue with the second volume

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