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Hippocrates Quotes about Exercise

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I leave you with the best quotes of Hippocrates, considered for many as the 'father of medicine' for his contributions in this field with diagnoses of different ailments, as well as his philosophical approach in the diet-exercise-health relationship.


Hippocrates (Cos, c. 460 BC-Thessaly c. 370 BC), was part of a third generation of doctors after his grandfather and father. Among the contributions to medicine of the time, its ethical approach stands out, being so relevant that, today, recently graduated medical professionals continue to make the well-known 'Hippocratic oath'.

- Divina is the task of relieving pain.

- What is used, develops. That which is not used, is wasted.

- Opposites are cures for opposites.

- In the midst of all abundance there are deficiencies.

- Leave the drugs in the chemical container if you can heal the patient with food.

- Doing nothing is also a good remedy.

- Old people have fewer diseases than young people, but their diseases never leave them.

- As food is the cause of chronic disease, it can also be the most powerful cure.

- The path to health is to have a fragrant bath and an aromatic massage every day.

- Nature itself is the best doctor.

- Prayer is certainly good, but when he goes to the gods, man must lend a hand.

- Whoever wants to be a surgeon must go to war.

- Cure sometimes, try often and always comfort.

- From several remedies, the doctor must choose the least spectacular.

- Both, both the dream and the lack thereof, with lack of moderation are bad.

- The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it.

- The wise man must realize that health is his most valuable possession.

- All excesses oppose nature.

- The doctor who loves wisdom is equal to a god.

- Sanar is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity.

- Ingenuo is that doctor who rejects the knowledge acquired by the elderly.

- If you are not your own doctor, then you are a fool.

- Life is short, and art is slow to learn.

- What is left in post-crisis illnesses, is apt to cause relapses.

- Sometimes, provide your services with nothing in return.

- The eunuchs do not give gout, nor do they become bald.

- The patient must fight the disease together with the doctor.

- The extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.

- Sport is a health conservator.

- The function of protecting and developing health must be above that of restoring it when it is affected.

- A doctor without knowledge of astrology has no right to be called a doctor.

- The doctor tries, but nature heals.

- The one who does not understand astrology is not a doctor, but a fool.

- When the dream puts an end to delirium, it is a good sign.

- The natural forces within us are really the true healers of the disease.
- The sacred things are only revealed to those men who are holy.

- In acute diseases it is not safe to make the prognosis, either of death or recovery.

- Walk is the best medicine in man.

- Anyone who wishes to study medicine must master the art of massage.

- All disease begins in the belly.

- My opinion is that the brain exerts the greatest power over man.

- What medicines do not cure, puncture does; and what the puncture does not cure it, the fire will do it.

- It also monitors patient failures, which often makes them lie about taking the prescribed things.

- The human soul develops until the moment of death.

- In a state of hunger one should not work.

- The silence is not only never anxious, but also brings no pain or sadness.

- There are, in fact, two things, science and opinion; the first begets knowledge, the second ignorance.

- Food and exercise, although they have opposite qualities, work together to produce health.

- The forms of diseases are many, and the ways to cure them are varied.

- If you are in a bad mood, take a walk. And if you're still in a bad mood, take another walk.

- Rest as soon as the pain occurs.

- Doctors there are many of title, but few of vocation.

- Before healing someone, ask if you are willing to give up those things that are making you sick.

- Whoever is able to anticipate what will happen in the future from the present will be the one who best administers.

- Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love for humanity.

- It is much more important to know which person has the disease than what disease the person has.

- Who would have foreseen, from the structure of the brain, that wine could interfere with its functions?

- In any disease, sleep is laborious, it is a deadly symptom; But if the dream is good, it is not mortal.

- Wine is an appropriate article for humanity, both for the healthy body and for the sick man.

- With regard to diseases, make two things a habit, to help, or if not, at least, not to harm.

- If there is a deficiency in either food or exercise, the body will have the disease.

- Life is short, art is long, opportunities are fleeting, experiments are dangerous, and judgment is difficult.

- The conclusions of a purely verbal nature cannot bear fruit, only those based on proven facts.

- I will use the treatment to help the sick according to my abilities and in my opinion, but never to harm or do evil.

- The medicine is the most noble of the arts, but the ignorance of those who practice it is always present, as well as those who inconsiderately form a judgment of these.

- All parts of the body with a function, used in moderation and in tasks to which they are accustomed, become healthy, well developed and age slower.

- Whoever wishes to investigate in medicine should then proceed, first, to consider the seasons for the year and what effect each of them produces.

- We must resort to nature itself, to make observations in the body on health and disease to learn the truth.

- The doctor must not only be prepared to do what is right only on his own account, but also make the patient, assistants and those external cooperate.

- Obese people who want to lose weight should exercise on an empty stomach, or sit until they completely exhale their food.

- Men should know that from the brain, and only from this, arise our pleasures, joys, laughter, and jokes, as well as our sorrows, pains, afflictions and tears.

- Just eating is not enough for health. Exercise is also required, the effects of which are surely already known.

- Some patients, although they are aware that their disease is dangerous, recover their health simply by their satisfaction with the goodness of their doctor.

- All excesses are harmful to nature. It is safer to proceed little by little, especially when changing from one regime to another.

- One can learn good lessons from something that has been tried but has not been successful, when the reason why it was not successful is clear.

- The wise man must be aware that health is one of the greatest human blessings, as well as learning to take advantage of his illnesses.

- I hold that a clear understanding of the natural sciences must be acquired, in the first instance, through the domain of medicine.

- The dignity of a doctor requires that he look healthy […]; since ordinary people consider that those who do not have a good physique cannot take care of themselves.

- Each of the substances in the diet of man act in his body and change it in some way, and on these changes depends the entire life of man.

- The main virtue that language can have is clarity, and nothing deviates more from it than the use of unfamiliar words.

- I will follow the regime that under my abilities and knowledge, considers beneficial for my patients, and I will refrain from doing anything that is harmful or evil.

- When prayers, amulets and enchantments work, it is only due to the manifestation of patients' beliefs.

- When you want good health, you must first ask yourself if you are ready to get rid of the reasons for your illness. Only then is it possible to help him.

- I will not administer poison to anyone when requested, nor will I suggest such a course of action. As well as neither, I will give any woman a woman a pessary to cause abortion.

- There are, of course, two different things: knowing and believing that one knows. Knowing is science; To believe that one knows is ignorance.

- The doctor must have at his disposal a certain ingenuity, since the discomfort is repulsive for both the healthy and the sick.

- The natural healing force that lies within us is the greatest force that helps us feel better.

- People who have a painful condition in any part of the body and are largely sensitive to pain, have an intellect disorder.

- If we could provide each individual with the right amount of nutrition and exercise, neither too little nor too much, we will have found the safest path to health.

- The diseases that are not cured with medicines, iron heals them; those that iron does not cure them, fire heals them; and those that cannot cure fire are incurable.

- The disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body. A battle between the essence of the disease and the body's natural tendency to heal on its own.

- It is better not to apply treatment in cases of hidden cancer; since if they are treated by surgery, patients die soon; but if left untreated, they last a long time.

- The man and the woman have the power to unite in one, since both are nourished in the other and also because the soul is the same in all living beings, although each body is different.

- People who generally suffer from a crisis, spend the night following paroxysm uncomfortably, but the next night generally becomes more comfortable.

- The diseases do not arise from nothing. They develop from small offenses against nature. When enough offenses accumulate, diseases appear suddenly.

- When everything is done according to the indications, even if things do not turn out properly, we should not change others while the original appearance remains.

- The doctor must be able to discern the background, know the present and predict the future. You should mediate these things with two goals in mind, do good or not harm.

- Whoever wishes to acquire knowledge in medicine must have the following: natural disposition, teaching, favorable place of study, attitude of service and free time.

- Health requires the primary constitution of man and the powers of various foods, but of those natural to them and those resulting from human abilities.

- If the incision in the temple is made on the left, the spasm will take hold on the right side of the body, while if the incision is made on the right, they will appear on the left side.

- The human body contains, blood, phlegm, and yellow and black bile. These things constitute it and originate your health and pain. Health is that state where you are in the correct proportion.

- Every intelligent man must think that his health is the most valuable, and he must have the notion necessary to help himself in illness and understand what the doctor tells him and administers.

- People think that epilepsy is divine just because we don't know what causes it. But I think one day we will know and stop believing that it is divine. So will it be with the entire universe.

- It is necessary to know the nature of the spine. When one or more vertebrae get out of place, they are likely to cause serious complications, and even death if not adjusted.

- The most acute, strongest and most deadly diseases, and those that are more difficult to understand by the experienced, are at the mercy of intelligence to combat them.

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