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Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review, there is not a dull moment full of vigor and vitality at the same time as a synthesis of style and individuality
Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review, there is not a dull moment full of vigor and vitality at the same time as a synthesis of style and individuality.


You are our trust; When all else fails, we have you: this is what Tokyo – tells the Professor in an emotional flashback that haunts viewers in the penultimate episode of Money Heist Season 5 Episode 2.

Fans of the Netflix series, one of the most watched shows in streamer history, will know exactly why she feels and how her affections echo. everyone in the group - and the audience.

The scene above and the deceased character's summary of her gang's ties to the mastermind of the Bank of Spain heist - you're a master of hallucinations, Tokyo says - don't just identify the Professor who, but also tells us who these thieves even are as their faith in the leader begins to wane as hope begins to dwindle and all exits seem blocked.

The professor, in the mental and emotional turmoil that preceded the summit, emphasized the 'illusory' nature of gold as a national reserve and an indicator of economic health. Robbery is the uprising of this gang of thieves who believe that a country's wealth belongs not to politicians and banks but to its people.

Because it tackles relevant issues, the show's very Spanish-specific information doesn't seem far-fetched, which explains why Money Heist is such a huge global phenomenon. so.

Money Heist shows signs of starting in style, continuing its journey of excitement until a bitter end that, like everything else that has come before, packs a punch and delivers a big, filling surprise. amazing. The ending is especially sweet because it marks the culmination of a story in which the key characters never have a smooth ride.

The final confrontation between Sergio Marquina, alias Professor (Alvaro Morte) and Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), tasked with ending the heist and securing the gold in the Bank of Spain, revolves around the A mind game that increases the bet and damages a few members of the gang, one of whom comes close to breaking and endangering all the others.

One of the high points of the Money Heist finale was the common ground that emerged between fired policewoman Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), now a mother of a little girl, and the Professor. From pointing guns at each other, both are forced to play on the same side. But this is not an easy truce. “We will never be friends…” Alicia said. “It was a marriage of intrigue and benefit.”

Between all the movies - Professor Berlin's terminally ill brother (Pedro Alonso) is shared through the story of his wife Tatiana (Diana Gomez) and crazed son Rafael (Patrick Criad0) - The relationships between the characters are layered and marked by plots.

Money Heist is more than just a suspense film. It also provides insights into the people, lives, and ways of capitalism in a world gripped by the frenzy of collectivist consumerism. There was enough going on in the finale, the main focus being on the gang's attempt to melt the 90 tons of gold in the vaults of the Central Bank of Spain and send it out, so that it doesn't feel stretched or gratuitous in any way.

Not only is it dangerous, there's also a lot of pain and interpersonal suspicion that the gang of thieves must deal with as their journey nears its end, with all the ups and downs and twists that have fueled the case. Their daring robberies bid up to this point. One of the gang members has an impending crisis: she hears voices and has visions that threaten to push her over the edge.

Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) died at the end of Season 1 of Season 5. The boy Rio (Miguel Herran) was very angry and couldn't deal with it. Others are also competing, as Colonel Tamayo ramps up his efforts to get the Professor and his team to book rooms.

At a point in Episode 8, when the thieves have achieved an impossible mission that brings them one step closer to success, Tokyo's comment takes that turn back in time and brings giving it a global and timeless resonance. “That achievement is a message of hope to the world,” she said.

A total fugitive in essence but always more than a mere heist thriller, the daring series created by Alex Pina doesn't lose a single breath when it comes to an end. So the thieves who have eaten the whole world in their hands will get the money they deserve.

The final season of Money Heist - the final five episodes of Season 5, which landed on Netflix on Friday, coming three months after the first five chapters - is as twisty and gripping as anything the horror series has offered. level so far.

Overall, the final season of Money Heist gives the audience an absolute roller coaster of emotions as you go from surprise to sadness to happiness and countless other feelings as you experience it all coming to an end. end. After finishing the movie, bet you will continue to be amazed at the genius mind of the Professor and will probably revisit the previous installments.

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