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One Ordinary Day (2021) Review

One Ordinary Day (2021) Review: Attractive Kdra-ma with a strong cast, One Ordinary Day summary, One Ordinary Day explanation, One Ordinary Day cast.
One Ordinary Day (2021) Review: Attractive Kdra-ma with a strong cast, One Ordinary Day summary, One Ordinary Day explanation, One Ordinary Day cast.


Both Apple TV+ and Disney+ recently launched in South Korea, and the fledgling local service Coupang Play has now made a foray into original content with One Ordinary Day, the latest film from superstar Kim Soo-hyun ( It's Okay to Not Be Okay).

More than just Coupang Play's first original series, the legal drama has made waves because of Kim's record salary, which is said to be around 500 million won ($419,000) per episode.

On November 26, Coupang's original series Play One Ordinary Day held an online press conference with director Lee Myung Woo and actors Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Seung Won, and Kim Sung Kyu.

One Ordinary Day movie plot

A remake of BBC's Criminal Justice, One Ordinary Day stars Kim Soo Hyun as Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary university student whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly became the prime suspect in a murder case.

Cha Seung Won plays Shin Joong Han, interested in the case and becomes Hyun-soo's lawyer, and his first and foremost piece of advice is not to say anything but "I don't know" in Answer anything he may be asked. With a mountain of evidence against them, Hyun-soo and Joong-han appear before the judge.

If all of that sounds very familiar, chances are you've seen this story - One Ordinary Day is a remake of the first season of the 2008 BBC series Criminal Justice, created by the BBC. HBO remade it in 2016 in the critically-acclaimed The Night Of.

This is the story of a brave young man and an eccentric lawyer who tirelessly take on a justice system filled with intrigue and dynamic characters, and it's easy to see why top TV storytellers eager to adapt it to their market.

Regarding the adaptation of the original BBC drama, director Lee Myung Woo said, “The first time I watched the original, I felt numb for a few days. There is a power and strong message in the original. I think it would be great if it could be remade. When the opportunity to remake came my way, I had to think about what parts of the original wouldn't be suitable for a Korean drama, since we have different societies and ways of expressing emotions. I discussed a lot with the screenwriters on how to turn it into a Korean production.

Cast of One Ordinary Day

Regarding his casting process, the director said, “If you were a Korean director, would you want to work with these actors here? When we first start planning a project and getting the script, there are always actors that come to mind first. Hyun Soo is an ordinary university student but has undergone huge changes after this incident. Kim Soo Hyun is an actor who creates a great sense of immersion. He also has a really similar name to the character, so he's the one I imagined as Hyun Soo from the start, but when he easily agreed to the casting offer, it felt like a dream. dream it".

He continued, “I worked with Cha Seung Won on You’re All Surrounded and he has a charm and versatility that few Korean actors have. He can do any genre, whether it's film noir or comedy. Since this remake can sometimes feel too heavy, I wanted a character that could feel like resting or recuperating afterwards, and Cha Seung Won was the first actor that came to mind. I called him and sent him the script, and he agreed that same night.”

Kim Soo Hyun said, “I was very moved by the original BBC drama Criminal Justice. I also enjoyed watching the American film adaptation and I wanted to try Hyun Soo, the character that was first developed in the previous two versions. The original has its merits, but I want to try to make it my own. When I first heard about the project, I thought this was my chance. I put it all up for Hyun Soo. I feel very disappointed and sad, hurt and lost.”

Cha Seung Won said, “When I watched the original, my character was cold as ice on the outside, but you can feel the warmth in the way he treats others. I like the added depth to the movie. This is what our director translated very well the feelings and points of view of Koreans. The first time I agreed with this movie was because of the director. I have so many fond memories of working with him before. I have faith that if we get to work together again, he will do a good job of delivering the emotion and emotion of the acting that I wanted to do.”

Kim Sung Kyu plays Do Ji Tae, one of the other prisoners. He said, “When I read the script, I liked that there was a message that made people think, but it also moved at a good pace. Hyun Soo is at the center, but the other characters' stories are also interesting. I was worried about the role I had to play, but I accepted the challenge. I don't feel any pressure to play a villain. He is a criminal in prison, but he is not a simple villain. He's different from the roles I've played before. He holds the reins of power in the prison. If I was a hyena before, I'm a lion now."

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