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Review Coyotes: The journey to obtain diamonds

Review of Coyotes on Netflix is ​​a limited Belgian series. It's a genre-bender, but the characters are too stereotypical
Review of Coyotes on Netflix is ​​a limited Belgian series. It's a genre-bender, but the characters are too stereotypical.


Netflix's Belgian drama series The Coyotes, created by Axel Du Bus De Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery and Anne-Lise Morin, stars Olivia Castanho, Andria Kozica and Louka Minnella in the lead roles.

The Coyotes is the original Belgian Netflix series. When a student arrives at the Boy Scout camp but finds a diamond belonging to the evil Mafia. The Boy Scouts must decide between friendship or the big money that will change their camp this time around forever.

It's another Belgian film with an interesting plot. An introduction to the Boy Scouts' Campground but they have to watch a story that involves a real criminal. Although it may not seem new, coming to the topic of Scouting can be considered different.

The Coyote will be the story of Kevin, a teenage boy who has trouble with his whole family and with several friends, including his brother, because of drugs. He found hidden gems while participating in a Scout camp with his friends. He develops a relationship between Marie, the daughter of a Boy Scout rancher.

As the story progresses There will be different characters joining these diamonds. Especially those among the Boy Scouts is the origin of the name, such as the Coyote group. The film will introduce that group of people in a small town. which was the site of the camp, is mainly divided into two factions: the villains who want the diamonds back are a group of criminals in the city, a small gang with the Boy Scouts.

While it's not obvious, one thing that's clear is that Kevin is the star of the show. Minnella does a great job as the centerpiece, with his scenes with Tombroff being the standout so far.

The pair have an instantly likable chemistry on screen, and their budding relationship - albeit quickly comedic reality - is bound to play a major role in the future. future.

The main problem is that its script focuses on the drama of young people, who have a lot of different stories. But it doesn't give the coming-of-age story or add to the story because it would be more interesting. Scouts have to hide the diamonds. Find a way for the mafia not to know that the diamond is on you, ready to escape, can plan to help.

Especially the story at the end where it's laid out seems to be a brutal, dark story, toying with psychology, the human mind, teenage hormones, anything shocking and barely had time to adjust to say: "In what tone of voice does the film tell the story exactly?".

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