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Second Extinction Review

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Here Second Extinction Review on Reddit:

I press buy and it loads the confirmation part but then closes - anyone else have this issue?

Happened with other GAs if you hop on "too soon". Probably servers not keeping up with demand

Windows app actually crashes for me, need to end it from task manager lol.


Next game may be either Mutant Year Zero or Humankind, since both games have crossbows. However it seems that it's more likely to be the former, which has been given away in the past.

my money is on mutant year zero because too many people want humankind

I believe it will be Mutant Year Zero, and Humankind would be on the 29th (if at all).

Hold your horses. Humankind is too new and too expensive to be offered free of charge. Sure, we might hope it will, but considering what was shared until now.. I wouldn't expect that to be an option. Hopefully they prove me wrong but I doubt that

On release and it was announced months in advance. They never offered a very expensive title that was already on sale on the platform. All of them, including TROY were new to the store and with contracts in place. Again, I want it to happen, but I am realistic. Mutant, who is most likely the game for tomorrow was already given, so I can see that being the title and not Humankind. There might be a heavy hitter during the sale, but why give it on the 22nd and not Christmas?

So with the image for tomorrow showing the crossbow from Mutant Year Zero's Dux, this list (which predicted MYZ well in advance) seems more and more likely:

Doesn't have everything, but better than getting drip-fed a leak per day (if that).

It's extremely good if you know (or are willing to learn) the 1e Pathfinder rules. Not hard to do, but you have to make the decision to look up things on the wiki when there is something you don't fully understand.

I'm almost sure that one of the new EGS games will be Total War: WARHAMMER 2, since they are soon releasing part 3 and already have the first one on the store. It only make sense.

PSA: for those that like the idea but hated the game, Prey's DLC mooncrash is what they tried and failed to replicate with deathloop.

Is the store failing to let you check out, or is it just me?

Not just you; I'm having the same problem

Edit: I'm able to claim it now :)

Cant claim it. when I click "Get" the launcher shows a solid grey screen and refuses to close, forcing me to force close it. FUN.

Try again now, in browser if client isn't working (dunno, I don't use it). Probably just server overload.

Why can't Epic make a review feature in their own app. It's stupid seeing how big of a store they got, but no review function.

"This content is currently unavailable in your platform or region."

Even after using a VPN for the US region.

Someone shared this tip in another thread.

Search "second" in the browser and hit enter. The game will show up. Then click the + icon to add it to your wishlist. Go to your wishlist and click add to basket. Then you can add the game to your library.

epic is in good terms with ubisoft so why not giving division or division 2 .......after borderlands franchise these 2 are good in looter shooter game ....

Definitely recommend people here to play it now than later. It was almost a dead game with 25 people playing daily as seen in SteamDB. It will probably go in the hundreds in the next few days but might revert back soon afterward.

The clue for tomorrow's game is a crossbow, which would fit Mutant Year Zero from the leaked list.

Cool but this just made me wish for a proper modern single player (non-tycoon-type) Dino game. Dino Crisis (1/2) remake would be great.

I'm intrigued by a game listed as "early access" being in the giveaway. I'm used to the giveaways being older titles or games people have given up on.

How does this compare to it's current competitors in, Deep Rock, Vermintide 2, and B4B?

I think the gameplay is a ton of fun. They added a horde mode, only one map, a few months ago that is perfect for this type of game. The gunplay feels great and great feedback on hit registration. Unfortunately compared to vermintide 2 the polish isn’t there and it doesn’t have the different areas. There’s very little in common to deep rock. Back 4 blood is closer but you won’t have that upgrade system for guns

It won't load the checkout page, my Epic launcher is black screening and now it won't even close :(

Servers already struggling

Let's take a moment to thank all the Fortnite kids for giving Epic their parent's credit card details that pay for us to get all these free games.

This game has one issue that'll become glaring once you start exploring different character and loadout options: Rosie is a God compared to the other characters, and you can have teams full of Rosies, and most likely will. I don't know why you'd NOT bring someone with a minigun, a lot of health, shock fences, and an incredible group and self-heal. The other operators tend to feel like you're choosing Hurt Me Plenty, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare.

I’m pretty stoked to get this. I’ve looked into Second Extinction previously during a Humble Choice, and played it on Game Pass. How is a shooter with dinosaurs struggling? I really hope it finds its footing, and gains some new players with this giveaway.

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