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The Unforgivable Review Reddit

Is Sandra Bullock's new Netflix series worth watching as it's based on the 2009 ITV series Unforgiven. Unfortunately, this results in a single-note
The Unforgivable Review: Is Sandra Bullock's new Netflix series worth watching as it's based on the 2009 ITV series Unforgiven.


The Unforgivable follows convicted felon Ruth Slater (Bullock), who has just been released from prison serving a 20-year sentence for the murder of a police chief.

Through a series of too many flashbacks, we learn that Ruth is living in the house alone with her very much younger sister, Katherine. Police were called in to forcibly deport her, but refusing to leave the property, Ruth shot the sheriff.

Ruth is the compelling center of the film and around her revolves around the lives of others affected by the sheriff's death: his sons, her sister, and the family have moved into the house. her old. Each change so far affects in a slightly confusing but still predictable way.

We know that Ruth was released from prison for good behavior. But once she was sent to a special residence, we asked ourselves, how does she behave so well in prison, yet not be able to control her temper outside? Apparently, this time, it was the only photo of her sister that could have been stolen that triggered her. Was that the reason for her real anger?

This dichotomy is the backbone and deepest flaw in The Unforgivable. Ruth is inherently unforgiving, and therefore unforgivable because in order to forgive we must believe that the person we are forgiving really feels remorse.

In a rather cleverly realistic portrayal of the character, Ruth is portrayed as both the victim and the villain. With much of her life altered unimaginably, she is unable to function in the 'normal' world, and she goes through her life with aggression and anger.

Unfortunately, this results in a single-note performance becoming louder or lower depending on the scene Bullock plays in. As the audience delves into her heartbreak, it doesn't help reframe her actions or personality.

Ruth isn't completely free, but it's hard not to find herself a little annoyed with the pitfalls she creates for herself and the way she unambiguously steps into them. This clarity also sparks movement between the dead sheriff's sons, who are both trying to leave or avenge their father's murder, and the overturn as more of a conspiracy device. any trauma-based decision-making.

The only bright spot was Jon Bernthal's Blake, a colleague of Ruth's who played in the rock n' roll band - anyway. He may only have a few minutes of total screen time but he is the only character calmly interacting with the outside world.

As Ruth gets closer to see Katie, things take a turn for the worst. But can Ruth overcome a treacherous obstacle course to spend some time with her long-lost sister?

The Unforgivable is an impressive film with a good story and strong acting by Sandra Bullock. Bullock navigates it with a shrewd approach, embracing the character she portrays, revealing all of her wounds that are wide open and not yet ready to heal. Because one way or another, when life goes on, you have to take responsibility for it.

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