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What is DoDreamChain?

DoDreamChain is a blockchain network that aims to improve the experience of international students from preparing to study abroad until they settle
Launched on January 2, 2020 by a team in Singapore, DoDreamChain is a blockchain network that aims to improve the experience of international students from preparing to study abroad until they settle in Korea. The goal is to increase their satisfaction with studying abroad by sharing reliable and transparent information.


What is DoDreamChain? What is DRM token?

DoDreamChain (DRM token) is an integrated O2O platform for studying abroad to enhance the experience from the preparation stage of international students to settle in Korea, this is a blockchain network focused on students. international. It is possible to enhance experiences from the preparation stage of international students to settling in Korea and improve academic achievement through transparent information sharing. The dropout rate of international students employed on the basis of trust will be low and as a result, the brand image of the relevant institutions can be improved and the management efficiency can be improved.

DRM token is a platform native coin used in the DoDream Chain and is an underlying unit that operates under a smart contract. The DRM token is created on a decentralized blockchain platform and the token holder has full rights, so it cannot be edited or deleted arbitrarily by a third party. Users can utilize various services offered through DoDreamChain, such as matching, inquiries and purchases, in the form of DRM tokens. Users of different nationalities can transact between individuals without money transfers or exchange fees. By trading DRM tokens, users can get proven services and information and ensure a transparent reputation.

Overview of DoDreamChain

  • Name: DoDreamChain
  • Transaction name: DRM
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC 20
  • Contract: 0x89551b940e2a8ed8eccf509935bac9213fe30584
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 DRM
  • Currently Released: 137,416,947 DRM
  • Listing: July 2020
  • Price when listed: 0.0057$/1 DRM

Tokenomics DRM

With a total supply of 250 million DRM coins and distributed as follows:
  • 5% of DRM tokens allocated to the community reserve
  • 7% DRM tokens are allocated to Marketing marketing programs promoting the platform
  • 10% DRM tokens allocated to the platform development team
  • 10% DRM tokens are locked for a long time
  • 37% of DRM tokens are allocated to project development funds
  • 30% DRM coin sold ICO, IDO
  • The remaining 1% of DRM tokens are allocated to the advisory team

Services of DoDreamChain

Dream Design

It is an O2O service that recommends suitable study abroad courses according to user-set conditions and streamlines the process from blockchain-based online acceptance to proven broker matching and accommodation management after entry.

Do Play

It is a platform service that shares specialized content that can generate interest in Korea such as K-Beauty, K-Food, K-POP, and adopts a yield-based token compensation system and influence of content.


This is a learning service for users to take the TOPIK (Test of Korean Language Proficiency) test for various qualifications such as entering Korean universities, working, visas, etc.

Do Talking

Users can share experiences and various information related to studying in Korea, provide Cryptographic Notification Incentives to users who help the community ecology system, and provide networking The network focuses on foreign students who can transact between individuals by agreement.

Development team

DodreamChain was founded by Lim, Mooho and his team includes: Lim, Jinho (CIO), Lee, Chungil (CTO), Kong, Joomi / CFO...

Lim, Mooho (CEO)

  • Bachelor of Business at Kyunghee University
  • Master of Management Information (MIS) from Kyungpook National University
  • Electronic HR system analyst
  • Former computer systems officer of the Army Logistics Command
  • Former Director of Overseas Business Development at DaouData

Lim, Jinho / CIO

  • Ph.D. Engineering (IT Convergence) Hansung University
  • Blockchain platform design expert
  • Ranking Rating and Project Manager of Government Blockchain R&D Project
  • First Author of SCI/SCOPUS Magazine for Blockchain Platform thesis

Lee, Chungil / CTO

  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at Yonsei . University
  • Advanced Skills for Global Enterprise (Microsoft)
  • Samsung Semiconductor, Samsung Medison's Overseas Integrated PM
  • Set before Lotte Cinema next generation PM integrated system
  • PM to develop a unified platform for ecological blockchain

Kong, Joomi / CFO

  • MBA at Kyunghee University
  • Finance/accounting specialist at foreign companies

Lee, Aeriah / CMO

  • MBA at Kyunghee University
  • Global Marketing Specialist
  • Former Global Intellectual Education Sales Department

Choi, Dasol / Blockchain

  • Bachelor of Software at Korea's Cyber University
  • Blockchain Development Engineer for Dain Leaders

Ngo Thi Phuong Loan / Vietnam Marketing

  • Bachelor of English and Russian from Hanoi University
  • Education Administration Marketing Specialist in Vietnam
DoDreamChain team

Current rate of DRM token?

Where to buy and sell DRM tokens?

To buy DRM token, you need to have USDT first, you can buy USDT on, this is the best platform to buy and sell coins in Vietnamese currency today. 

After you have USDT, you can transfer it to the exchanges below to buy DRM tokens:
  • CoinOne

Where to create a wallet and store DRM tokens?

Wallets that support storing DRM tokens include:
  • Myetherwallet
  • Metamask
  • Trustwallet
In addition, storing it on the MEXC floor is also a very good choice, you just need to set the security for your MEXC account carefully.

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