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What is Ginza Eternity? GER coin

Ginza Eternity, abbreviated GER, is a digital currency or form of digital asset with a market value of about $ 0, ranked 3264 in the market
Ginza Eternity, abbreviated GER, is a digital currency or form of digital asset with a market value of about $ 0, ranked 3264 in the market and has a 0% share of the total market. 


What is Ginza Eternity?

Ginza Eternity GER coin is a GameFi metaverse system (play – to – ean) this is a game that combines traditional games and Blockchain, Ginza Eternity was created by Ginza Game Studios. GINZA Game Studio is an ecological community project with a large user base in Japan and Southeast Asia. the game focuses on many ecological fields like NFT + DEFI + DAO + GAMEFI. Currently, there are more than 20,000 active user communities worldwide participating in the game.

Based on the competitive game genre, GINZA ETERNITY has a complete diversified ecosystem that includes a hosting cloud platform, a game distribution platform, an in-game inventory trading platform, and an asset exchange. NFT products, advertising platform, mining system and metaverse incubation. All in all, this provides players, miners, R&D, channel providers and many others to enjoy a complete Gamefi system. Developers can also create blockchain applications through the platform's MILIT toolkit and get comprehensive NFT service support through other platforms.

Overview of Ginza Eternity

  • Name: Ginza Eternity
  • Trading name: GER
  •  Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BEP 20
  • Contract: 0x0e9b29aa5aed3d65867db8b980484c8c49a7f915
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 GER
  • Listing: December 2021
  • Price when listed: 0.0055$/1 GER

Introduction to the game Ginza Eternity

For thousands of years, evil bosses have ruled the universe. Their quest for global domination resulted in mass killing and looting of various kingdoms where countless universes were destroyed by their evil deeds. Heroes from the Humans, Elves, Angels and Demons Association have gathered in the world of Ginza to form an alliance against the evil bosses. Ginza Eternity was born for the peace of the universe.

Players use GE Heroes to battle, gain experience, and earn game cards. The in-game GER token can be used to level up heroes, gain higher attributes, and unlock powerful skills.

Save the universe and defeat all the evil bosses with different strategies that take advantage of GE Hero's Strengths and battle layouts.

Players need to configure their best fighting team to defeat their enemies. Knowing the enemy well, adjusting the battle formation, gaining the advantage of the best hero class will help to gain a huge advantage in these battles. Upon entering battle, both sides will enter battle mode and begin attacking at their individual hero's pace. In each battle, GE heroes will use their powerful magic and attack skills to damage enemies, or healing skills to restore their health.

Heroes and skills in the game

  • Warrior: Melee attacker. High health score and strong defense. Great as a Tanker to shield against attacks.
  • Magician: Ranged attacker. Can attack multiple times with high damage but weak defense.
  • Ranger: Ranged attacker. A high damage attack and agility. Effective against Forerunners.
  • Assassin: Agile attackers melee. Single high damage attack with high damage and weak defense.

Hero Levels

The higher the hero's level, the higher the stats, attributes and combat ability.
  • 1 star hero: 1 active skill, basic attribute value, each level up increases by 10%, the maximum level limit is 30.
  • 2-star hero: 1 active skill, 1 passive skill, base attribute value +5%, each level up increases by 12.5%, the maximum level cap is 40.
  • 3-star hero: 1 active skill, 2 passive skills, base attribute value + 7.5%, each level up increases by 15%, the maximum level limit is 50.
  • 4-star hero: 1 active skill, 3 passive skills, base attribute value + 10%, each level up increases by 17.5%, the maximum level cap is 60.
  • 5 star hero: 1 active skill, 3 passive skills, base attribute value +15%, each level up increases by 20%, max level limit is 70.
  • 6 Star Hero: 1 active energy skill, 3 passive skills, base attribute value +25%, increased by 20% per level up, max level cap is 80.


November 2021
  • Setting up GER token liquidity on Binance smart contract (BSC)
  • Released Ginza Eternity Hero Blind Boxes
  • Released version of Ginza Eternity BETA
December 2021
  • Ginza Eternity Launches Mainnet. Launch of PvE . Battle Mode
  • Launch of PvP Battle Mode
  • Special Boss Mode Token Reward Event
  • Ginza Eternity Hero S1 Challenger Series Tour
January 2022
  • Launch of Ginza's Eternal Hero Development System
  • Launch of the Ginza Eternity NFT Marketplace
February 2022
  • Ginza Eternity V2.0
March 2022
  • Launching Ginza Perpetual Public Blockchain and Ecosystem on November 20, 2021

Current rate of GER token?

Today's live Ginza Eternity (GER coin) rate is $0.004321 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $812,463 USD. We update GER to USD prices in real time. Ginza Eternity is down 20.84% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap rating is #3274, with a total supply of 100,000,000 GER.

Where to buy and sell GER tokens?

First, to buy Ger token, you need USDT, you can buy USDT on, this is the largest exchange in the world that currently supports buying and selling coins in Vietnamese currency. I have some articles about this floor, you can check it out if you don't know how to create an account and buy and sell on this floor.

Once you have USDT, you can transfer them to one of the exchanges below to buy GER tokens:
  • PancakeSwap

Where to create a wallet & store GER tokens?

GER token is developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, so you can store GER on wallets that support this platform, specifically supported wallets such as:
  • Binance Wallet Chain
  • Trustwallet
  • Metamask..
In addition, you can always store it on the MEXC floor, which is also very safe and has no storage fees.

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