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Nenu Leni Naa Prema Katha Review

The time travel genre love story was made to make the love story understandable to the average viewer mainly without making it science fiction...
It’s good that new directors are trying to tell love stories anew. After a staggering love affair over the past two decades with two types of love stories, the onslaught of such new thirsty directors has almost subsided and the survivors are comfortable.


We are able to enjoy other things. These films are of no use to the audience but employ many in the production. It is this labor service that should be allowed to do so, not the art service. Doing art service as well as occasionally coming up with something like ‘My love story that I don’t have’ is a sign that the short film is alive.

The problem, however, is how strong the signal can go and turn the audience on its side. This is why a short film should be unconditionally strong in all areas. Let's see if there is any strong current love story of the new director


Radha (Gayatri Suresh) is in love with social activist Ram (Naveen Chandra). Ram has a friend named Vasudha. Among them is Krishna (Krish Siddhipalli). He has a girlfriend. He is doing research on sound waves. Since Einstein said that matter has no destruction, he is exploring a substance that is stored in the universe in the form of sound waves.

That substance is the solution to the Kashmir problem. Kashmir wants to know the root of the problem if the problem is to be solved. Those who know it are Nehru, Jinnah, the King of Kashmir, and he is researching whether their conversations take place somewhere in the universe in the form of sound waves.

Itu Radha's college lecturer (Raja Ravindra) introduces home radio at a function and presents it to Radha as a gift. If she tunes it in one day it will connect with the frequency it is sending into the dark universe. The two begin to talk. What Krishna then realizes is that he is connected to a girl from 1983. This is what he told her and he said he was in 2020. She could not believe it. Tells Ram.

He was in 1983 and Krishna in 2020. When was Mari Ram born? What is the relationship between these three? What is the role of Vasudha with them? What happens to her? What happened to the four in the end? This is the rest of the story.

What a story

This is the story of the time travel genre. Director Suresh attempts to explore the Kashmir issue by traveling to Krishna in 1947 and telling a love story of what would have happened if he had connected with a girl named Radha in the middle of 1983. The idea is new.

In March itself, ‘Playback’ came in Telugu, connecting the characters at different times, but the story is different. The current love story is not just a love story but a family story. The family story with Time Travel is reminiscent of Robert Jimenez's 1985 classic ‘Back to the Future’.

In it the boy who can't bear the screaming parents goes into the time machine during his parents' teenage years and finds out the reason for their screams there, and returns at that teenage age. Psychologically speaking it is a narrative form of psychotherapy. Hypnotists are also known to take past hypnosis and repair mental problems.

The current story is a triangular love story. In this, in 1983, when Radha was suffering from not being able to get that love, Krishna, who was connected with her in 2020, had to do psychotherapy for her. Without doing so she would have been able to talk to her parents at the time of her piety, feeling that she was blessed with a birth of her own, and that it was not appropriate for her to be blown away by the wind.

There is no destruction to the substance but the form may change. Matter is energy. Energy is that substance that takes on any form. So energy does not perish so matter does not perish. So this story proposes that those sound waves of what Nehru, Jinnah, the King of Kashmir said about Kashmir would be present in the universe. Noise is also energy. Noise is the vibration emitted in the form of energy from matter. Vibration is transmitted by molecules of any kind as matter changes shape.

Vibrations of the words we speak travel through molecules in the air and radiate in all directions. If there is any obstacle in the way it will touch it and turn into that form of energy. The walls touch the walls and echo the sound of the walls.

If the room has soft surfaces like carpets and sofas, they will blend into it. So the waves of words spoken by Nehru, Jinnah, the King of Kashmir end up where they spoke. They do not fall in the form of waves as well as in the universe. Noise does not travel in a vacuum over, it travels in the atmosphere.

The root causes of the Kashmir problem were Jinnah, the kings of Kashmir, and Mountbatten. Nehru and Patel locked up 55 per cent of Kashmir's territory in their stinking history.

Performances- Techniques

This is her story that tells the character of Radha. Gayatri, who played the role, was a perfect fit for the role - with her elegance, facial expressions, mannerisms, dress sense and dance art. Innocent character. The characters stand out as long as the story exists.

As a movement activist, Naveen Chandra as an unloving character accompanies the story, not the story. That's what acting is all about. In the role of Kashmir researcher, Krish plays the role of the narrator. The acting is also a bit overdone. Aditi Extrovert as Girlfriend. Rajaravindra as a lecturer in two of the three scenes.

The names of the characters are Ram, Radha, Krishna and Vasudha. The lecturer who saw Radhani next to Ram, calling her Sita is a very chaotic script. Youth appeal is otherwise difficult when it comes to youth cinema. The songs are mainly melody. Technically fit for budget.
The last one

The time travel genre love story was made to make the love story understandable to the average viewer mainly without making it science fiction. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire. This is how the article is refreshed in Fastoff. The track between the two continues to provoke questions, bringing the first hero forward, and the narrative to Interval is refreshed with another question.

Even in the second half, the story is refreshed three more times and becomes stronger with question-provoking twists. Since narrative is the consciousness of provoking and answering questions, here it is confined to a parallel story that stretches through different periods. The story is refreshing as the movies that are sitting around are dying everywhere. The twist and turn of the love story into a family story, unraveling the knot and turning it into a love story all add to the suspense in the second half.

However, if the writing, directing and making were more youth oriented and the market aspect was in view, the film would not have come and gone anonymously. Even in terms of publicity, the film does not have a digital presence. Reviews OK, nowhere to be found. If you are not even interested in creating a Wikipedia page about movie details, why release a movie?

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The first 3/4th of the film is solid amar akbar and kattapanayile hrithwik roshan type comedy. It's pretty good and salim kumar is in top form. Lot of laughs to be had but the last portion of the film falls apart because of a need to be dramatic and edgy just like all the previous films by the Same guys. It doesn't make much sense and the villain is.....just forget it. But who the hell watches these films for that. We're here for the comedy and we got that. So yeah I would recommend it


Njn dq fan aanu. How they convinced dq to do this movie is beyond me. Anyway you can watch for good comedy in the movie and leave just before the climax. We expect these kind of movies from asif Ali or maybe tovino.. From dq it was unexpected, maybe he give a try at traditional malayalam comedy entertainer.


One of the best comedy films of Malayalam cinema. Man this guy B.C Noufal is promising. Chyam Overrated Pushkaran okke Bibinem Vishnunem okke kande paddikanam. Egne oru proper comedy psycho villaine ezhuthanam enne Bibinum Vishnum kaaniche thannu. John Kuttyde editing onnum paryaan illa, Sreekar Prasad okke verrum oolakal aane John Kuttyde editing skills nokkumbo. Pinne visually stunning aaya oru work aane Oru Yamandan Prekadha. Elaa colorsum undu. Ithra manoharamaayi cinematography cheytha oru malyalam cinema njan ee aduthe kandittilla. Visual story telling enokke paranjaal ithaan. Porramme kaanunna bangi mathram alla ee cinema, orupaad layers ulla film koodi aane Oru Yamandan Premakadha.

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