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What is a snuff film?

Snuff film is a form of extreme pornography. Researching a number of murders that happened in the UK in recent years the British newspaper said that..
Snuff film is a form of extreme pornography. Researching a number of murders that happened in the UK in recent years, the British newspaper said that this type of film has absorbed the souls of some people, turned people into demons, lost all humanity, blindly followed what we did. just watched.

what is considered a snuff film

After the death of Georgia Williams, a schoolgirl who was judged as talented and beautiful in May 2013, the British press talked a lot about snuff movies. Movie snuff is a "slang" word for an extremely "heavy" type of porn. The film depicts a sadistic process that culminates in the death of the sadist. On porn websites there are countless snuff movies to choose from depending on your preferences. Some people were curious to see it, gradually becoming addicted and obsessed to the point of acting like what they saw.

The killer of Georgia Williams is Jamie Reynolds, 23, of Wellington, a movie snuff addict, driven by the urge to rape and kill a woman with red hair. The first time he met the victim at a music night for teenagers under 18, Reynolds "matched" Williams' red hair and considered murder.

In May 2013, while his mother and stepfather were on vacation in Italy, Reynolds lured the victim to his home by saying that he would take a model-style portrait for Williams. The innocent schoolgirl believed her words, asked her parents' permission to go out with her friends, but went to Reynolds' house.

Less than an hour after Williams arrived at the house, the perpetrator suddenly strangled the girl while she was posing for a photo. The perpetrator put her body in his father's pickup truck, drove about 80km to Wrexham, left her body in a deserted forest and then fled. Two days later, a pedestrian came across the victim's body.

Police gathered forces to find Reynolds, finding him in a hotel room. His computer has photos recording the entire process of killing the female student, just like in the movie.

One day in early December 2013, Reynolds pleaded guilty in the trial. The defendant was sentenced to life in prison and most likely will not be considered for release before he dies.

Beware of snuff movie "believers" around us

Reynolds' photo album reminds of similar incidents that have happened in the UK and around the world in recent years. These murders all have one thing in common: The perpetrators are all snuff fanatics; murder as seen in the movies; If possible, perpetrators record crime images to introduce "achievements" on pornographic websites. The British newspaper has recalled a number of cases for the purpose of reminding to be careful because snuff movie addicts are around here, can act at any time, not leaving anyone.

They can be:


Jack Huxley, 20 years old, is a street wanderer. He was fortunate enough to be lovingly accommodated by Mrs. Janis Dundas, 62, a retired nurse, in a temporary home because her daughter is Huxley's stepmother. Huxley was put to sleep in the living room. In the middle of the night, he woke up, turned on Mrs. Dundas' computer to watch a pornographic film depicting sexual intercourse between a young man and an elderly woman. The next day the victim was found lying face down, almost naked, on the bedroom floor with three kitchen knives embedded in her back. The perpetrator took the victim's car and ran away, and was arrested three days later. In October 2013, a Liverpool court sentenced Huxley to life in prison, having to spend at least 21 years in prison before being considered for release from prison. The judge of the trial said that the pornography Huxley watched had aroused the beast's spirit, to the extent that the perpetrator lost his conscience.


Darren Jackson moved with his mother and stepfather to the village of Llanllwni in West Wales in January 2012. Next to his house is the home of Irene Lawless, 67, a retired stenographer. Three weeks later, early in the morning, he slipped through the window of the house next door into the victim's bedroom, raped and strangled the owner to death. Before acting, he surfed pornographic websites that depict a young man sneaking into the home of an elderly woman raping. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison, having to spend at least 28 years in prison before being considered for release.


Tony Bushby (18 years old, karate trainer), met Catherine Wynter (black, 19 years old, student) through Facebook in 2011. The two started dating. One night Wynter went to his sister's house to look after the children, Bushby went there and killed his girlfriend. The next morning the mother came home to find her daughter lying dead on the floor with 23 knives full of her body. During his trial at St Albans Court in 2012, two things were revealed: First, Bushby tricked Wynter into dating him by creating a series of "virtual" Facebook friends who said nice things about him. to gain the trust of the victim. Second, Bushby before committing the crime was addicted to pornography about the rape of black women. Defendant was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Tomasz Sobczak, with a wife and children in Poland, left the country to go to England to find work. He was hired by a fruit picking company in the Midlands and rented in Burton-on Trent. Living in the same house as Sobczak is Sylvia Ciapcinska, 24 years old, a teacher who graduated from university, went to England to work to earn money to return to her hometown to build a house. A few weeks after arriving at the inn, Ciapcinska suddenly disappeared. Her body was found strangled to death, her naked body was placed in a suitcase, placed near a bridge. Police investigation found pornography of the "evil" type in Tomasz Sobczak's laptop. In April 2011, the perpetrator was sentenced to life in prison.

Blood relatives

One afternoon three years ago, a neighbor of John Maden's saw 12-year-old Tia Rigg arrive at Maden's doorstep in Manchester. Maden, the baby's biological uncle, called Rigg's mother to ask him to come take care of the baby. Less than an hour later, Maiden called the police to report that he had strangled Tia Rigg. Asked why, the perpetrator replied: “Because I feel like doing it.” The police arrived and found the victim lying naked upstairs, her hands tied behind her back.

The 37-year-old perpetrator suffers from a movie snuff addiction. He downloaded pornography and then selected the violent images he liked to save on dozens of CDs. The judge of Manchester Magistrates Court told Maden during his trial in October 2010: "Tia Rigg did not escape death because he decided to carry out the monstrous ideas of torturing and killing a child." Maden's sentence was life in prison.

Buddy of best friend

On March 14, 2003, Jane Longhurst, 31 years old, a teacher in West Sussex, went missing. Five weeks later, her naked body was found with tights wrapped twice around her neck. An autopsy showed she was strangled to death. The culprit was Graham Coutts, the girlfriend of Longhurst's best friend. Coutts is a longtime snuff addict, obsessed with the idea of ​​committing a sadistic murder of a woman, so he needs a psychotherapist to treat him. In 2007, Coutts was sentenced to life in prison, serving a minimum of 27 years.

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