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7 Ways to Make Money from Google 2022

Making money from the internet is not just a hoax. Some time ago, we discussed 13 Ways to Earn Money from the Internet . Some of the topics discussed
Making money from the internet is not just a hoax. Some time ago, we discussed 13 Ways to Earn Money from the Internet . Some of the topics discussed included creating an online store, selling ebooks, selling websites, and opening article writing services. But this time, we will discuss more about how to get money from Google.

7 Ways to Earn Money from Google

Google apparently provides various monetization options. In this article, we will discuss seven ways to earn money from Google. Not only that, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method. That way, you can determine which monetization method works best for you. 

earn Money from Google 2022

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising service from Google. This service uses space on your website to display ads. The ad provider will bid for the space .

The ad provider who bids the highest price will get the space on the website. Later, you will be paid based on the number of people who view and click on existing ads.

That's why there are many forms of advertising displayed. Starting from text, images, videos, to interactive media. All of these ad variations are intentionally designed to target the right audience.

At the same time, ad variations also increase audience interaction with the ads placed. That way, the greater the income that can be pocketed.

All ads that appear on the website will match the audience and niche of the website. Therefore, you don't have to worry about strange or pornographic ads appearing on the website.

Although you don't have to choose what kind of ads appear, you are still given the freedom to edit the ad format and design. If you don't like the ads, you can remove them from the website.

Well, how to make money from Google AdSense is actually very easy. You just fill out the form on the Google AdSense website. There will be a column for the website address and email address where you can be contacted.

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Then Google will review your website. Provided you meet all the requirements, good news should be waiting for you within a week. (Read: AdSense application accepted and you can make money online).

Advantages of Google AdSense:
  • You can earn money as soon as an ad is clicked by a visitor.
  • The ad with the highest price will be shown.
  • You can choose how the ad will appear.
  • Responsive advertising display in various gadgets and screens.
  • There are statistics to assess ad performance.
  • Disadvantages of Google AdSense:
  • You need to have a large amount of traffic to earn significant revenue.
  • Revenue automatically stops when you lose ads or traffic.
  • You can easily be penalized by Google when you accidentally click on an ad.

2. Google Ads

How to get money from Google Ads is a bit different from the way previously described. Through Google Ads, you will not immediately get money.

However, this Google service is ready to increase the opportunity to profit from the business you run. Of course, this is an attractive option for business people who want more exposure for their business.

However, how does it work? Google Ads gives you the option to show your business in the top search results. This is of course very profitable.

Instead of starting an online presence from scratch, this system can make it easier for you to build an online reputation. You can read more about search advertising in the AdWords tutorial .

In addition to search results options, Google Ads also provides different forms of advertising and advertising mediums. For example, promotion through display ads, inserts clips on YouTube videos, and other forms of advertising in the application.

You only need to pay the number of people who click on your ad. In other words, Google Ads implements a Pay-Per-Click or PPC system. You can imagine this Google Ads ad system like a roadside flyer ad ─ but in an online medium.

However, instead of paying for all the ' printed pamphlets ', you only pocket a number of ' pamphlets requested by potential customers'.

Advantages of Google Ads:
  • Easy and effective promotion for business.
  • Using the PPC system; makes you only have to pay according to how many people click on your business website.
  • Full features to manage ads from one place.
  • Equipped with various resources and information to support the advertising campaigns created.
  • Disadvantages of Google Ads:
  • Not suitable for someone who does not have a personal business.
  • In order to use Google Ads, you must first spend capital.

3. Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is better known as a way to gain organic traffic to a website. This method is often used by website owners and bloggers to make their sites perched on the first page of Google search results.

So instead of being considered a way of monetization, SEO is considered just a supporting way for a site to reach internet users.

However, make no mistake. Numerous statistics on SEO and organic traffic reveal tremendous monetization potential. According to the Search Engine Journal , 91.5 percent of organic traffic is dominated by sites that rank first.

Not only that, organic traffic is also said to be 6x more effective than paid search. This data certainly places SEO specialists as an important part of online business.

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Therefore, you can use your SEO skills to earn money. There are at least two kinds of things that can be done. First, using skills to gain your own income. Or second, offer those skills to others.

For the first method, you can create many websites with various niches. Then you can optimize it and install AdSense on the website. From there, you can earn money from Google.

Even if you get bored, the website created can be sold online. Then for the second way, you can open an SEO consulting service or work in an agency as an SEO specialist .

Google Organic Benefits:
  • SEO optimization capabilities are in high demand and can be expensive.
  • Once successful, you can get a lot of benefits.
  • The monetization opportunities for SEO skills are wide and varied. For example, consulting services, flipping , website monetization, online shops, etc.
  • Google Organic Disadvantages:
  • It takes a long time to master SEO.
  • Google's SEO algorithm is always changing You need to be up to date with the latest developments.

4. YouTube

You must be familiar with YouTube. This platform is in great demand by the Indonesian people at large. Not only school-age teenagers are interested in it.

People from under five years old to early school age, even parents to old age have started turning to YouTube for entertainment.

With this trend, your chances of making money from YouTube are also getting bigger. How to? Of course, by creating video-based content on this platform.

You just have to decide which target audience you want to target. Then, you can work on content seriously in that niche.

Although it can be said to be quite complicated, creating YouTube content opens you up to many things. Yes, initially you need to create a concept, write a script, record video and sound, make edits in such a way, until in the end the video is ready to be uploaded and enjoyed by viewers.

However, take it easy. All the hassle will bear fruit. Through YouTube content, you can open up various opportunities to earn income.

For example, you can sign up for YouTube AdSense , join an affiliate program, partner with a brand, become a speaker, or even an artist. For example, Ria Ricis, Bayu Skak, Tasya Farasya, or Suhay Salim who started their success through YouTube.

YouTube advantages:
  • Very flexible monetization opportunities: AdSense, affiliate programs , partnerships with brands, becoming an ambassador , to being a speaker at events.
  • Opportunity to network with many content creators .
  • Exposure and influence is wider to the audience.
  • Disadvantages of YouTube:
  • It takes a lot of capital (time and technical) to produce quality videos.
  • It takes a long time to build a loyal audience.
  • Competition for YouTube content creators is getting higher it is difficult for new creators to compete with YouTubers who already exist.

5. Google My Business/Google Business

For businesses, its presence in Google search results is increasingly important. This is because more and more internet users are relying on Google to find restaurants, coffee shops , repair shops, florists and many other businesses.

You could even say, when your business can't be found on Google your business never existed or has most likely gone out of business. You don't want to lose customers just because they're not on Google, do you? Yes, of course not and fortunately Google also knows very well about it. 

Through Google My Business or Google Business, you can create a profile about the business you run. You can add a complete description of the business.

Starting from the business name, opening hours, menu updates (if any), social media and websites, photos, and reviews. All of this information will be displayed by Google in the form of an interesting snippet to the right of the search results.

That's not all Google My Business has to offer. To increase business exposure and reputation, Google also offers you a simple website for business.

All the information provided about your business, can be displayed in the form of a neater website. That way, the business will not look like a fake business or like most others. Find out 6+ other reasons why a blog or website is important for business. 

This way of getting money from Google My Business will not work directly. You will not immediately make money by using this platform.

But at least, you can increase your chances of being trusted by potential customers. To be able to maximize your online presence, try reading 10 Tips to Increase Your Business Brand Awareness .

Advantages of Google My Business:
  • Very easy to use and customize the appearance.
  • Support your business presence online.
  • There are free website features and complete insights that can be used to advance your business.
  • Much more practical than having to build a reputation from organic traffic.
  • Disadvantages of Google My Business:
  • Very complete features may be considered a little complicated by small entrepreneurs.
  • Business reputation can deteriorate when the information submitted is not accurate.
  • You are required to be responsive in responding to customer reviews or questions. 
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6. Google Play Store

The way to make money from Google Play is none other than through the application. Seeing the current trend, the opportunity to create applications and earn money from the Google Play Store is still very large. For that, if you have the ability to develop applications and guys, this method should not be missed.

There are several schemes that can be used to earn money through Google Play. First , by selling applications. This is the easiest way to earn money.

Although in the process, you need to design an application with full features and a good appearance so that users are willing to spend money to use the application that you create.

Second , in-app purchases. This scheme will not provide money with direct sales as described in the first method. Application users can still get and use the applications created for free. However, you can sell additional features or elements such as gems , characters, clothes, and so on. 

Third , in-app advertising. This scheme frees the user to use the application. However, to get bonuses or additional features, users must be willing to watch ads or share screens with advertising banners.

Fourth , subscription where users need to pay a fee to be able to use the application within a certain period of time. The last or fifth is sponsorship , namely financing by a third party to make an application. 

Advantages of Google Playstore:
  • There are many monetization schemes for apps on Google Play: direct sales , in-app purchases , in-app advertising , subscriptions , and sponsorships.
  • There are still not as many monetization competitors on Google Playstore as on other Google platforms.
  • Disadvantages of Google Playstore:
  • Very limited for developers or people with the ability to create apps.
  • It took quite a while to develop the app. 
  • It takes time and promotional capital until the application can get an audience.

7. Google Maps

This one method can't actually be classified as a way to make money from Google. Even so, the incentives provided by Google are still attractive to some people. Especially if you are someone who likes to travel.

Google Maps opens up opportunities for Google users, anyone, to contribute to developing their own geo-location platform . This contribution is realized in the form of filling in the content for the map itself.

For example, reviewing locations, rating locations, adding location photos, answering questions about a location, and changing incorrect information about the location. 

In addition to completing content about a place, you can also add a description of a new location on the map. There is also added information about food (if the location in question is a restaurant). Not to forget, you can also check the truth of the facts about a location.

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From each contribution above, you will get different points. For example, you can earn more points for a photo than by fact-checking a location.

Later, you can get various incentives based on the points collected. Some of the incentives that are often given are hotel vouchers, discounts on bus tickets, bonus Google Drive capacity of up to 1TB, and the opportunity to try out the latest features from Google.

Advantages of Google Maps:
  • An easy way to try out new features and get incentives from Google.
  • It works like a game where you earn points for each set goal or activity. 
  • There are many options that can be done to earn points.
  • Points earned will not be forfeited (unless there is a fraud or violation).
  • Disadvantages of Google Maps:
  • The incentives provided are not monetary.
  • The incentives provided will stop when you are not actively reviewing on Google Maps.

Ready to Make Money from Google?

Safe! Now you know that every Google service is monetized. To make it easier for you to remember the description above, here we include important points that need to be noted:
  • Google AdSense You need a complete website with domain and hosting , as well as quality content to start earning money from AdSense;
  • Google Ads is very strategic for business owners who want to advertise effectively;
  • Organic Google Traffic You have to optimize your website to be in the top rankings;
  • YouTube You need to create content with good visuals, engaging content, and build a loyal community of viewers;
  • Google My Business / Google My Business online spotlight solutions for businesses;
  • Play Store the best monetization way for app and game developers;
  • Google Maps fun way to various discount vouchers and free features from Google.
Those are the ways to get money from Google. Hopefully you'll find one, two, or more suitable ways to add some money to your pocket. If you don't want to miss out on some interesting insights , tips, and tricks about business and the online world, don't forget to subscribe to the

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