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The Batman Review

Through the guidance of director Matt Reeves, the audience will be able to "visit" the deepest nooks and crannies of the world's richest orphan
The Batman is terrible, the worst DC movie experience ever. The male lead should probably go to an movie because it's hard to win big...

... will be the feedback trend about The Batman after Robert Pattinson once shockingly announced that he would switch to being an "adult" actor if the film failed. Unfortunately, his wish could not come true.


"Gotham is no longer himself ...", the scene that once shook the screen of the "Oscar blockbuster" Joker now has a different approach, a different perspective and a "slightly different" story. through The Batman - the next film outside of the WoDC (DC Cinematic Universe) stream that DC boldly made. This time, Batman will eliminate egos such as the Dark Knight, Joker's "retribution"... to reveal the great, interesting, but little known aspect of solving the case.

Through the guidance of director Matt Reeves, the audience will be able to "visit" the deepest nooks and crannies of the world's richest orphan, how he "recovers" and bursts out of the cycle of life. revenge of hatred - the crime that is engulfing Gotham mercilessly.

"Famous Detective" Batman is the best and most beautiful version of Batman

Perhaps because of his rich background and "golden spoon", Batman did not have many opportunities to show his genius and scholarly mind. Now, The Batman 2022 has brought "justice" to Batman himself with a difficult but equally attractive case-breaking journey.

With a stance that does not follow the usual superhero movie style, The Batman focuses more on the sensational - detective aspect, when Batman becomes a detective playing with the enemy, a guy with a defeated mind. rotten like Riddler. The 2 hours and 55 minutes will feel incredibly short as the audience gradually immerses themselves in the puzzles, traps and secrets beneath Gotham's glitzy appearance, where plot, dialogue and emotion are all balanced. with extreme detail and precision.

The image of Gotham of this masterpiece is still covered by the black of the night, but in it are the hot colors of red - orange - yellow, the color of blood, bombs, fire and nightclubs. vibrant. Matt Reeves has recreated a Gotham that doesn't sleep, complete, detailed and closest to the comic book, which contains temptation, guilt and a broken political system. The support of the "dangerous" angle has helped The Batman's action scenes be both artistic and violent, in particular, this point is excellently far ahead of the "elder" The Dark Knight in the past. Especially in the chase scene of Batman and Penguin that was used as the ending scene in the official trailer, what happens in the movie will be even more fiery, thrilling and eye-catching.

Not stopping there, the music of The Batman is also a necessary plus, especially in the way the trailer's "ten ten ten ten" music variation is scattered throughout the film - a risky experiment, haunting and successful composer Michael Giacchino (recently impressed with Spider-Man: No Home). In general, it will be difficult to criticize the form of The Batman, so what about the content?

A city like Gotham may still be too far away from the state of Vietnam, but there are social problems that are still universal and relatable to Vietnamese audiences.

Wayne's growing up story will take viewers through the painful evils, deeply rooted in the heart of Gotham. The status of sightseeing, taking advantage of charity, terrorism, manipulating social networks, ... appear as usual, the class of civil servants, the police "double", ... mixed, hidden in the night no different than a rat. Then Batman must be the one to bear the destiny of a stronghold, a pressure and pain that not everyone can understand.

It is easy to see that the difficulty of the male lead The Batman is when he himself is what he is working hard against. When "dressing up", he is a warrior of justice, someone that the people can later rely on. But when he took off his Batman mask, he returned to be Bruce Wayne - the eldest, billionaire, son of the former mayor, the crystallization of the two leading families of Gotham once and the seemingly man Easier than anyone else. Therefore, waiting for the male lead and the audience at the end of the road is a revolutionary decision, whether Batman will choose to do justice: Willing to become a hero or will he stay hidden in the dark forever , is Gotham's greatest mystery?

Robert Pattinson's "evolution" performance should be praised, but the best is not him

Also "wild" the bat, but compared to the old Twilight, it is clear that Robert Pattinson has made great progress, as a different person when he transformed into Bruce Wayne in The Batman. Not succumbing to fate, Pattinson spent many years cultivating and proving his acting through the most thorny and complicated roles, and now the male lead The Batman is the "sweet fruit" that he deserves more than anyone, and the fact that he has become a great Batman is not inferior to any senior in the past.

The main male role of The Batman is the "sweet fruit" that Robert Pattinson deserves more than anyone, and the fact that he has become a great Batman is not inferior to any senior in the past.

Robert Pattinson uses the eyes - the only visible part of Batman behind the costume to show all the rage throughout the film. Shocks when the truth gradually unfolds, truths that have to be accepted even if you don't want to believe them, rays of feelings of loss, bitterness when you have to trade, or a withdrawn, somewhat introverted and "emo" nature. .. Everything is clearly shown through the eyes of Robert Pattinson, which, when said, can be unbelievable for audiences who have seen Edward's "dead face".

It is commendable, but Robert Pattinson is not the acting "party host" of The Batman. Accompanying him are "Penguin" Colin Farrell (with an Oscar-nominated makeover), the crazy villain Paul Dano and the impressive appearance of Barry Keoghan as previously rumored. In addition, the chemistry of Batman and Catwoman is also remarkable, naturally built but still erotic in a relatively small amount of time.

Rating: 4.5/5

With a duration of 3 hours and 5 minutes, The Batman will definitely be a big challenge for some audiences who are looking forward to a "quick" entertainment with superhero colors. However, beyond that, The Batman has almost no flaws worth scrutinizing and condemning, on the contrary, the most complete and perfect cinematic experience that DC and Warner Bros. has been molded in recent years. It's also the level of Batman - the FIRST and ONLY superhero to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The film fully deserves the maximum score, but it is still possible that the upcoming journey of Batman Pattinson will be even better. The remaining half point will be the expectation of DC's wake-up call after months of being lost and losing himself.

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