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Experience raising Alaskan dogs 2 months old

The Alaskan Malamute is a very popular dog breed in Vietnam today. However, taking care of them is not a simple task, especially when they are only 1
The Alaskan Malamute is a very popular dog breed in Vietnam today. However, taking care of them is not a simple task, especially when they are only 1, 2 months old. In this article, the Dog and Cat Blog will guide you on how to raise and care for 2-month-old Alaskan dogs so that they can grow healthily. Don't miss this useful information!


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The problem of raising 2-month-old Alaskan dogs with Vietnam's climate

Climate is the most fundamental factor affecting the breeding of Alaskan Malamute as well as other breeds. The Alaskan Malamute is well adapted to a cold climate with an average temperature of less than 10 degrees Celsius per year. So when importing this breed to Vietnam, their thick coat to keep their body warm becomes a nuisance in hot and humid climates. At that time, the Alaskan breed will tend to shed more hair, making their coat not as thick and smooth as in temperate climates.

Risk of heat shock

Hair loss is just a small thing, the most controversial issue when bringing Alaskan dogs back to Vietnam is that the risk of them getting heat shock by too high temperature is very great. This problem usually occurs with Alaskan pups 3 months old and younger. Especially with 1-month-old Alaskan dogs, the most recognizable manifestation is shock, vomiting and convulsions if they are in the heat > 35 degrees Celsius for too long.

If you find them early, you can put the Alaskans in the shade and cool them down. Then put them in the air conditioner under a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. For Alaskan dogs 6 months old and older in better health, heatstroke is rarer.

Avoid heat for 2-month-old Alaskan dogs

When the weather is too hot, Alaska dog owners need to let them go to avoid the heat. Limit the Alaska children to go out, put them in the shade, in an air-conditioned room, take a cold bath as well as give them ice cream to cool down. For Alaskan Malamute puppies with poor tolerance to high temperatures, you should buy them when the weather is still cold or cool!

In case you want to get Alaskan breed, calculate the time for the puppies to be born in cool weather conditions. To cool off the Alaskans, you can trim their fur. This can make the dogs worse, but will ensure the safety factor. Fur can grow back over time, but unfortunate dogs die, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Food and nutrition for 2 months old Alaska

As with any pet, when raising you also need to pay attention to their diet. Ensuring a balanced and age-appropriate diet will help your pet develop better. Especially with typical short-month-old dogs like 2-month-old Alaskan dogs. Choosing food for them is not an easy thing.

Proper nutrition

For 2-month-old Alaska puppies, you should give them powdered foods that are soft, easy to digest and easy to absorb into the body. When raising them, you need to add foods with high fat components in the diet.
Alaska dogs are quite active, they like to exercise, so adding fat content also helps a lot in the process of accumulating energy for the body. This diet will help them both absorb energy to grow and meet the exercise needs of this breed.

In addition, the high fat content also helps to make their fur softer and keep the body warm for cold winter days. So when feeding 2-month-old Alaskans, you can mix the food with vegetable oils or animal fats to increase their fat content.

Suitable foods for 2-month-old Alaskan

Alaska is a rather picky dog ​​breed. Most of the people who raise them have to think about what to eat every day for them. Here are some dishes that are suitable and fully meet the necessary nutrients for them, please refer to:
  • Soft meats such as chicken, lean meat, shrimp, fish, beef, etc. Among them, beef is always a favorite and is very popular with this breed. In case you can't choose beef, you can replace it with pork or chicken and note that there is no fat!
  • Duck eggs are also a favorite dish of Alaskan dogs. This dish is not only an ingredient that makes their diet more diverse, but also makes their coat softer and more beautiful. For 2-month-old Alaska dogs, you should only feed them 1 egg / meal is enough.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Alaskans rarely eat rice and vegetables, but these are essential foods to supplement their bodies with nutrients. Therefore, you should train them to eat a lot of vegetables and tubers from a young age.

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