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How to add the 2022 World Cup schedule to the iPhone calendar

Admin of the iOSCode group has just shared an .ics file to help integrate the 2022 World Cup schedule into iPhone phones. When using, you just need to open the default calendar application on iPhone/ iPad, there will always be the match schedule of 32 teams and specific date and time.

In particular, 5 minutes before the match, the calendar will have a notification on the screen so you don't miss the match.

How to add the 2022 World Cup calendar to iPhone

Instructions to add the World Cup calendar to the iPhone calendar to be able to update the match scores as well as the 1/8 round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final matches.

* For iOS 13 and below:

Settings -> Passwords & accounts -> Add account -> More -> Add registered calendar -> enter link -> Next -> Save.

* For iOS 14 and above:

Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts -> Add account -> More -> Add registered calendar -> enter link -> Next -> Save.

After adding the 2022 World Cup calendar to your iPhone, open the Calendar app and you will see dates with accents. Below is a schedule of matches, tapping on that date will see the match details between the 2 teams and the stadium.

In addition, you can download the application to follow the World Cup 2022 on the Appstore such as:
  • WorldCup Widget: Create a match information Widget on the iPhone screen
  • World football 2022 Qatar : application tracking scores, matches World Cup 2022


* Match 1

Date Time Match Table

20.11  23h00 A Qatar vs Ecuador

21.11  20h00 B Anh vs Iran

21.11  23h00 A Senegal vs Hà Lan

22.11 02h00 B USA vs Wales

22.11  17h00 C Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

22.11 20:00 D Denmark vs Tunisia

22.11  23h00 C Mexico vs Ba Lan

23.11 02h00 D France vs Australia

23.11 17h00 F Morocco vs Croatia

23.11 20:00 E Germany vs Japan

23.11 23h00 E Spain vs Costa Rica

24.11 02h00 F Belgium vs Canada

24.11 17h00 G Switzerland vs Cameroon

24.11 20:00 H Uruguay vs Korea

24.11 23h00 H Portugal vs Ghana

25.11  02h00 G Brazil vs Serbia

* Match 2

25.11  17h00 B Xứ Wales vs Iran

25.11  20h00 A Qatar vs Senegal

25.11  23h00 A Hà Lan vs Ecuador

26.11 02h00 B England vs USA

26.11 17h00  D Tunisia vs Australia

26.11 20h00  C Ba Lan vs Saudi Arabia

26.11 23h00 D France vs Denmark

27.11  02h00 C Argentina vs Mexico

11/27 17h00 E Japan vs Costa Rica

27.11 20:00 F Belgium vs Morocco

27.11  23h00 F Croatia vs Canada

28.11 02h00 E Spain vs Germany

28.11 17h00  G Cameroon vs Serbia

November 28 20:00 H Korea vs Ghana

11/28 23h00 G Brazil vs Switzerland

29.11  02h00 H Ba Lan vs Uruguay

* Match 3

11/29 22h00 A Netherlands vs Qatar

29.11 22h00  A Ecuador vs Senegal

30.11 02h00 B Iran vs USA

30.11 02h00 B Wales vs England

30.11 22h00 D Australia vs Denmark

30.11 22h00 D Tunisia vs France

01.12  02h00 C Ba Lan vs Argentina

01.12 02h00  C Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

01.12 22h00  F Croatia vs Bỉ

01.12 22h00  F Canada vs Ma-rốc

02.12 02h00 E Spain vs Japan

02.12 02h00 E Costa Rica vs Germany

02.12 22h00  H Uruguay vs Ghana

02.12 22h00 H Korea vs Portugal

03.12 02h00 G Serbia vs Switzerland

03.12 02h00  G Cameroon vs Brazil

* Round 1/8

03.12 22h00 Match 1 First place in Group A vs Second place in Group B

04.12 02h00 Match 2 First in Group C vs Second in Group EAS

04.12 22h00 Match 3 First place in Group D vs Second place in Group C

05.12 02h00 Match 4 First place in Group B vs Second place in Group A

05.12 22h00 Match 5 First place in Group E vs Second place in Group F

06.12 02h00 Match 6 First place in Group G vs Second place in Group H

06.12 22h00 Match 7 First place in Group F vs Second place in Group E

07.12 02h00 Match 8 First place in Group H vs Second in Group G

* Quarterfinals

09.12 22h00 Account 1 Win match 5 vs Win match 6

10.12 02h00 Account 2 Win Match 1 vs Win Match 2

10.12 22h00 Account 3 Win match 7 vs Win match 8

11.12 02h00 Account 4 Win match 4 vs Win match 3

* Semifinal

14.12 02h00 BK1 Win 2nd Term vs Win 1st Term

15.12 02h00 BK 2 Win TK 3 vs Win TK 4

* Third place painting

17.12 22h00 Lose BK 1 vs Lose BK 2

* Final

18.12 02h00 Win BK 1 vs Win BK 2

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