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How to install Dynamic Island on Windows with XWidget

As for the Dynamic Island pill icon, you have a lot of options to display. After selecting, click on the pill image to view detailed information
Instructions for installing Dynamic Island on Windows like iPhone 14. Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped area located in the center and top of the iPhone 14. Since its launch, users of other devices have always wanted Dynamic Island to decorate beautifully and add features.

I have instructions on how to install Dynamic Island on Android . Today I will show you how to add Dynamic Island to Windows with a beautiful and beautiful cover, no different from iPhone.


Use Desktop Dynamic Island to install Dynamic Island on Windows

The author took inspiration from Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 and brought this feature to Windows. You will have
  • Cool animations
  • 6 modes to choose from
  • Original fonts and graphics handcrafted from iPhone screenshots
On Dynamic Insland you will fine-tune features including:

Date and time

  • Click the “Calendar” icon to show/hide the calendar panel.
  • Use the mouse wheel to change the month.
  • Click Month to see Today's date.


Click the weather icon to show/hide the weather panel/forecast.


View laptop battery charging status

Music player

On the mini player, click Equalizer to open the expanded player. On the expanded player, click Equalizer to return to the mini player.


You can edit your own profile page by creating a .PNG image and replacing “face.png” in the widget's folder.

How to install Dynamic Island on Windows

To bring the Dynamic Island feature on Windows we need software that supports xwidget and the Desktop Dynamic Island for XWidget interface. Fortunately, the authors of these two toolsets are free for users. You just need to install and tweak some interfaces to get Dynamic Island and other features such as calendar, CPU view, RAM, weather on Desktop. You do the following:

First you download a tool to help Mod Skin Desktop called xwidget. Next you download the Desktop Dynamic Island interface set. I have gathered 2 tools into 1 in the download link below:

After you proceed to extract and install the file xwidget_setup.exe.

After the installation is complete, in the search box of the software, look for the phrase "Desktop Dynamic Island". Currently, this interface is at the top of the page, because it is HOT due to many people searching

In the next interface, after reading the description of the skin, you scroll down near the middle of the page to see the Download Now button, click to download the Dynamic Island feature on Windows to your computer. When the download is complete, the software will install itself for you. At this time, on the Desktop screen will appear 4 icons, corresponding to 4 features will be displayed.

Now you can Click on each icon to display the information you like. If you don't like it, you can click Close to turn it off.

As for the Dynamic Island pill icon, you have a lot of options to display. After selecting, click on the pill image to view detailed information. For example date, time or battery charge status.

In addition, you can adjust the opacity, brightness, size or lock the position of Dynamic Isalnd on Desktop Windows by right-clicking and selecting -> Windows -> Select the features to adjust so that the pill icon fits your needs. your.

So you have successfully installed and adjusted Dynamic Island on Windows, outsiders will think you are using an iphone 14 computer :)))

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