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How can I make my own Free Website and WordPress Business

After determining where the direction of the website you want to create, the next step is to determine the service to create a website
Creating a website is easy, you know, the cost is cheap, it can even be free. Now anyone can do it without the need for "coding" knowledge though. If you can operate an android phone then you can definitely make your own free website . Because basically all applications both on cellphones and computers are made to facilitate our activities. Similarly, web-based applications are made similarly, so that from the installation process to development, it can be done easily.


Well, in this article I will invite you to find out how to choose a website, create a website and optimize it. It's really funny to me too. Over the years, I've made a lot of website optimization tutorials but haven't made the initial steps for the installation hehe… So, so that it's not piecemeal, this time I will complete it. Hopefully after reading this article you can create your own website in the future.

Choose a Free Website or a Business Website (Paid)

Choosing a website is one of the most important points that determine the continuity of the website itself. If you choose the wrong one from the start then the stakes are wasted time. That means you have to be sure first what kind of website, blog, portal, online store or something else? In the world of martial arts, I mean the world of "per website" there are many types of website content management. This content management is known as CMS, Content Management Systems . Now the CMS is classified according to the function of the CMS, for example:
  • If you want to create an online store website there is Prestashop CMS.
  • Then if you want to create a forum there is an SMF (Simple Machine Forum)
  • If you want to create an information portal website, there are Joomla or Drupal.
  • If you want to blog or general purpose you can choose dynamic WordPress. And many other types of CMS.
Next where will you install / install your website? And what is the purpose of the website? If the need is only to learn, just want to know or just for fun limited to wanting to "exist" in cyberspace. So it's okay and you can choose a service to create a free website from free hosting. But if the goal is for more serious purposes, especially for a business website, never use free hosting. My experience in 2011 was kicked and kicked out for using free hosting. Just imagine, in just 9 months 13x changed hosting . Even though at that time there were only hundreds of visitors to my site per day, they were kicked out on the grounds of burdening the server.

Trust me, you will not want to have such a bitter experience. Free hosting is more suitable for learning only, while business websites must of course use capital. It is possible to choose a cheap one, there is no need for hosting with large specs. At least in paid hosting there is a guarantee of security and protection from the hosting service. In paid services you can get data backup facilities, responsible server maintenance to contact the hosting party if there are problems.

Free Website Creation Service

After determining where the direction of the website you want to create, the next step is to determine the service to create a website. In general, there are 2 types of free websites that can be created, namely blogs and non-blogs.


If the type of website you choose is a blog, there are lots of options available and free.

The most popular of course is to use or known as blogspot. The drawback is that your website still uses a blogspot subdomain, for example Of course a website address like that looks less pro. But for blogging purposes it is enough, even though the data processing is limited, and SEO optimization is inferior to wordpress (hosting).

WordPress.COM, could be the next free website choice. Keep in mind that there are 3 types of WordPress websites:
  •, this service is exactly the same as blogspot. Where your website will use a subdomain, for example my Although it's good for blogging, there are drawbacks and limitations in it. If your goal is purely writing, without expecting anything in return, without monetizing (earning income from the website) that's enough. But you can't use it for a business website, because it can't advertise and other limitations.
  •, if this is not a place for blogging. It's a place where developers gather, Q & A forums, host plugins and themes and other blog tools. Everything related and related to the wordpress CMS is here.
  • Wordpress hosting, namely wordpress which is installed on hosting and owned by individual websites, including my blog. CMS wordpress is open source / free and can be installed by anyone. Very much different when compared to Because the wordpress that we install ourselves does not have any alias restrictions, we can use it freely.

Weebly, Hubpages, Tumblr, Medium and others can be alternative free websites. However, its features are even more limited when compared to the 2 blogging platforms above. You are not free to set the display themes, add ons and others.


Meanwhile, if the purpose of creating a website is not just a blog, then you can choose free hosting. It is necessary to know the type of website, for example online shop, portal, or forum using its own CMS. While this CMS needs to be installed on the hosting in order to run. And to install it you need hosting (server where data is stored).

Among the popular free hosting is Here you can install various kinds of websites for free, there is also a web builder. But unfortunately it doesn't use CPanel which is widely used by paid hosting. Free hosting alternatives that use CPanel include, InfinityFree.Net or GoogieHost.Com.

However, I still remind you to use a free hosting service just for learning. If you have mastered the making of the website, I suggest you use paid hosting. Especially if the website you created is for business, commercial or other official purposes.

Domain Capital Saving Website

Did you know that there is an alternative to making a cheap website with just a domain capital? Yes, you only need to buy a domain, you can already have a professional website. Even though you use the free website service above, you can use your own domain. The trick is to use DNS Parking (Domain Name System) or free Domain Parking, for example: becomes becomes

This means that with this DNS Parking, the website address which was previously "", can be accessed with the address "". Many DNS Parking services are provided for free, free forever. These free DNS providers include,,, and so on.

So you just buy the domain, while the content of the website is taken from a free website. This trick is actually commonplace, many or bloggers have taken advantage of this DNS Parking. It can also be used for free hosting users, but remember if visitors have started a lot, it's better to buy paid hosting. If not, maybe you will experience the same fate as me.

What is the Price of a Paid Business Website

To create a business website, of course you need capital. His name is also a business, of course commercial interests, the flight of money. You want to create an online store, run for money. Blogging to get income from Google Adsense, the fall of money. Even just making a portfolio website, the goal is prestige and prestige or CV. CV for work or decoration? In the end, it's money too...

But don't be afraid, the capital you spend here is a guarantee of your security and peace. Because by choosing a paid service, your investment is maintained. After all, in my opinion, buying a paid website service now doesn't need to be expensive. I myself currently only spend Rp. 283,800 only / year, per year you know. Details:

Hosting Price Rp.108.000 + Tax 10% (Rp.10.800) = Rp.118.800
Domain Price (.Net) Rp.150.000 + Tax 10% (Rp.15.000) = Rp.165.000
Total = Rp.118,800 + Rp.165,000 = Rp. 283,800

Note: The hosting package I chose was Impressive D with 350 MB of unlimited bandwidth. With that provision alone I can still survive blogging since 2012. And Alhamdulillah, the capital for a year has been covered and there is a bonus too If you are interested in buying the hosting package that I use, please visit this hosting .

Domain & Hosting Price Range

For other hosting service providers, the prices are actually competitive and will not be much different. To be more creative in building your website, I recommend buying a domain along with hosting. Domain functions as your website address, for example While Hosting functions to store data, CMS, images, and other files.

Domain Prices Domain

Prices vary depending on the type, TLD (Top Level Domain) domains are usually above Rp. 100,000. But for non-TLD, the cheapest is Rp. 9,000 to tens and hundreds of thousands. Price range:

.site / .online / .xyx / / .space / .website price range Rp.9,000 ~ Rp.18,000 / / / Rp.45,000 ~ Rp. Rp. 60.000 .
.news / .top / .email / .photography ranges from Rp. 340,000 ~ Rp. 400,000

Even this price tends to change depending on the hosting service provider. To be cheaper, please look for when hosting provides discount packages. For more specific prices please visit domain prices here .

Hosting Prices Hosting

Prices usually vary depending on the amount of storage capacity, bandwidth limitations, number of websites, number of emails etc. The price starts from Rp. 9000 / month (Rp.108.000 / year), up to hundreds of thousands per month. What needs to be considered before you buy a hosting package is the purpose and type of website created.

If it's a blog website, then the space or storage capacity of 350MB ~ 500MB is enough. But for an online store or gallery, for example, you need more storage. Because you need storage for pictures and other data. It's the same as creating a school e-learning website , of course, it requires a spacious place for student homework, documents, pictures and so on.

Another thing is the amount of bandwidth, this is the maximum data limit provided by hosting in the data transfer process. Bandwidth is related to the traffic or the number of visits by your website visitors. Every time you open a page, for example, the value of the data transfer process is 1MB. So if your bandwidth limit is 1GB (1000MB) then the maximum visit is 1000 visits.

SSL, is it provided or not? SSL (Secure Socker Layers) is a feature to make websites secure , because later they can be opened via the https protocol. The number of emails, subdomains, backups, and other features is usually standard for every hosting service. 

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