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How to Install Website with Softaculous in CPanel

In Softaculous there are many types of websites that can be installed. Compared to other website builder tools like Fantastico or Bitnami, Softaculous

Now is the time to build a website, and you can do it yourself even for beginners. For those who have purchased hosting or are using free hosting, use the easiest website installation tool, the softaculous installer. 

Softaculous is a tool integrated with Cpanel whose function is to install websites with just a few clicks. The process of installing a website with Softaculous is very fast and automatic. In just a matter of minutes, your website is ready online and can be visited from anywhere.

In Softaculous there are many types of websites that can be installed. Compared to other website builder tools like Fantastico or Bitnami, Softaculous is the most complete. So for the average hostingpun use this tool.


You can install CMS online shops, blogs, forums and other web applications. But on this occasion I will give an example of installing WordPress.

Why Choose WordPress?

Do you know what CMS is most used to build websites around the world? Yup, none other than WordPress . According to in 2020 WordPress holds 60.5% "Market Share", of all websites around the world. This means that of all websites, 60 percent are WordPress.

Total live sites registered WordPress users: 24,808,990. Of the one million largest sites in the world, 318,828 are WordPress-based sites (maybe mine is included, hehe…). And the great thing is that WordPress is trusted and used by world-renowned brands, including:

  • The WhiteHouse ->
  • New York Post ->
  • Facebook News Room ->
  • Katy Perry ->
  • Playstation Blog ->
  • The Walt Disney Company ->
  • TechCrunch ->
  • Microsoft News ->
  • Sony Music ->
  • BBC America ->

So, have you decided to choose WordPress? For me, iYes! If not, that's too much... Even though it's well-known as a blogging CMS, the reality is that WordPress isn't just for blogging. 

WordPress is dynamic and flexible, it can be used as an online store, portal, gallery and others. With the support of thousands of plugins that have unique uses, WordPress can become any website.

How to Install WordPress via Softaculous

Install WordPress with Softaculous in the same way as installing other websites. It only takes 3 minutes for the website to be live and online instantly. For the stages, I have prepared the video and transcript below:

#1. Go to CPanel and search for Softaculous Apps Installer.

#2. Select WordPress and hit the “Install Now” button.

#3. Determine the WordPress version, I suggest choosing the most recent one.

#4. Specify Installation Address (URL), this address is permanent so choose correctly from the start.

If your hosting supports SSL, then use the HTTPS protocol. Whether using www or not, https is preferred by google and is good for SEO.

When choosing a Domain using the main address or the subdomain leave the "In Directory" section blank.

If installing in a subfolder, for example, then fill in the "In Directory" column with blog.

#5. Fill in Site Name: your web name, and this part will also appear on the Google search page, for example:

Information or Name Your Web Article Title | SiteName

#6. Site Description: a description in the form of the motto or main title of your site

#7. Fill in the Admin Account , this must be filled in carefully:

Admin Username: used as the login name to the Admin page. Do not use the name "admin, Admin, Administrator" to avoid the risk of piracy.

As for the password and email, please use it according to your wishes. Or use a password generator to make passwords more secure and harder to guess.

#8. For the language, select Indonesian or English, as for the "Select Plugins" section, leave Multisite unchecked.

#9. Advanced Options is database selection, leave it alone because Softaculous will create a database automatically.

#10. Choose a theme (optional), because you can change themes later after the installation is done.

#11. Finally, click the “Install” button and wait for the process to complete. After that, a message "Congratulations, the software was installed successfully" will appear. And two links will appear, namely the link to the main page and the admin page.

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