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How to Download Videos from Instagram

So we learned about SSSGram in a short article. It is really easy to use and has many outstanding advantages comparable to paid tools, right?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for sharing beautiful images and videos. Therefore, when surfing Instagram you will come across a lot of interesting videos that you want to download. 

However, currently Instagram does not provide the option to download videos for users, so you will need the help of a third-party tool like SSSGram to download Instagram videos .

What is SSSGram?

Basically, SSSGram is a website that allows you to download to your computer and mobile devices any type of content from Instagram including download Instagram stories, videos, images, reels, user profiles, live streaming and also iGTV.


It is an indispensable third-party tool for you to exploit and use interesting content from Instagram.

Steps to download videos from Instagram with SSSGram

Step 1: Find the video link you want to download

Go to Instagram's app or website and copy the clip's link. You can find it at the top of the post by clicking on the ellipsis and selecting the share option.

Step 2: Paste the link

Go to the website of and paste the copied link in the specified section at the top of the page. Then you click the download button right next to this section.

Step 3: Get the video

Once the video is done processing, a blue download button will appear. Click on it and the video will be automatically downloaded to your device's storage after a few seconds.

It's done!

Why should you use SSSGram?

  • Compatible with all devices: SSSGram is a web platform, so you can use it on both mobile devices and computers with any operating system.
  • Completely free: SSSGram doesn't cost you a dime to use.
  • Unlimited downloads: Download as much content as you need.
  • No installation required: Just go to the website and do everything online and in person, no need to download and install any apps.
  • Fast and simple: In just 3 simple steps to download from Instagram and a little waiting time, your video will be downloaded to your device.

Frequently asked questions

Besides downloading videos, what else can I download in SSSGram?

  • You can download any content from Instagram including:
  • Videos: from reels, stories, highlights and posts to igtv and live video

Can I download Instagram videos to my computer?

Yes, with SSSGram video downloader you can download videos from any device including your PC.

Are downloaded videos and photos in HD?

Yes, SSSgram provides you downloaded Instagram files in native HD quality and we will support more formats and resolution options in the future.

Is it safe to download videos with SSSGram?

Completely safe. We will never ask users for account information or sensitive data. In addition, we do not save your download history. Therefore, you are completely safe.


So we learned about SSSGram in a short article. It is really easy to use and has many outstanding advantages comparable to paid tools, right? Do not hesitate to try SSSGram as we have instructed right away!

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