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Turn photos into Manga images with AI - Artificial Intelligence

In this tutorial you will learn how to get the AI ​​Manga filter on TikTok and how to use it (also known as AI Anime filters/effects).

Filter aka Filter AI Manga (Anime) has appeared on TikTok recently. Currently a lot of TikTokers are using this filter with more than 10 million Videos released. You can use Filter AI Manga to turn photos of characters, friends, objects, and bars into beautiful Managa and Anime images.

If you use the AI ​​Manga filter on yourself, you will most likely be turned into an anime character.

However, there are many AI Manga filters on TikTok, so you need to choose the right one.

In this tutorial you will learn how to get the AI ​​Manga filter on TikTok and how to use it (also known as AI Anime filters/effects).

Some funny videos about AI Manga

AI Manga does not always turn your images into beautiful Anime, sometimes mistakes lead to some images being turned into very funny Manga. Maybe this AI Manga has not studied to the end. We can check out a few hot videos about AI Manga on TikTok.


How to get AI Manga filter on TikTok

Method 1:

  1. Open TikTok and tap the “ + ” icon at the bottom and center of the screen to create a new Video.
  2. Select “Effects” and tap the search icon
  3. Search for “AI Manga” and select it.
  4. Start using filters!

Method 2:

  1. Open TikTok and tap the magnifying glass icon to search
  2. Search and type the phrase “AI Manga”.
  3. Select any video with AI Manga filter
  4. Tap the “AI Manga” filter above the person’s username to use it.

Note: If you can't find the filter, try updating TikTok or your Android/iOS device.

Method 3:

You can find the filter that turns photos into Managa Anime by clicking on this link:

After clicking, you will be transferred to Tiktok's AI Manga filter and can start transforming into Manga.

How to use the AI ​​Manga filter to turn photos into Anime Manga

To use the AI ​​Manga filter on TikTok, you need to search and download the filter first.

Once you've downloaded the filter, select it and point your phone's Camera at something or someone.

Finally, tap your screen to activate the filter and turn the person or thing into an anime.

You can also use filters  on an existing image  by selecting it from your gallery .

Method 1: Take a photo of yourself or the subject

  1. Open TikTok > “+” icon > Effects
  2. Search for “AI Manga” and select that effect.
  3. Take a picture of yourself, another person, or an object
  4. Tap the screen to turn the photo into a cartoon

Method 2: Choose an existing photo from the gallery

  1. Open TikTok > “+” icon > Effects
  2. Search for “AI Manga” and select it.
  3. Select “Upload” and choose an existing photo from your gallery
  4. Tap the screen to turn the photo into a cartoon

So I showed you how to convert existing photos and photos into Manga Anime cartoon characters with Filter AI Manga on Tikok. If you do not want to use Tiktok, there is still a 3rd party application that helps you convert photos into Manga Anime that is equally beautiful, which is App Meitu.

Turn photos into Anime with App Meitu

Meitu is a Chinese photo and video editing app that uses AI to create realistic photos of anime characters. Like Instagram and Snapchat, this app has a number of different filters that you can use to transform yourself into gorgeous characters. 

Meitu made a comeback in 2017 thanks to a number of recently released filters that let users transform themselves into anime characters.

Meitu's AI Art filter is a feature that has become the latest topic of conversation on social media after many users shared their anime-inspired images on TikTok and Twitter.

To create an anime image and use Meitu's AI Art filter, you need to do the following:

  • You download Meitu – Edit photos & videos on Appstore or CHPlay
  • Once that's done, upload your chosen photo and select the AI ​​Art filter on the app
  • Wait 5 seconds for the 3 empty cells to process the image
  • The app will generate various anime inspired options for you
  • Download the image to your device.

You can take your anime photos to a whole new level by using a third-party app to draw a picture of your favorite character.

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